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Mirsaid Sultangali

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  • Reshat Sabiq
    Tatarstan Neriyat Yorto, NKVD tarafnnan 1940n� ylda atlp �t�r�lgen, Stalin n�� milliyetler seyeset�n�� bal�a tenqt��ler�nnen bulan, mehur Tatar seyeset�� hem
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 28, 2002
      Tatarstan Neşriyat Yorto, NKVD tarafınnan 1940nçı yılda atılıp ütírílgen, Stalin'níñ milliyetler seyesetíníñ başlıça tenqıtçílerínnen bulğan, meşhur Tatar seyesetçí hem ideolognıñ tuwuwınıñ 110nçı yıllığın bilgílep, "Sultangaliyev: dosyesínnen yeşírínlíklerí töşörölgen dokumentler" isímlí kitap neşír ittí.

      Documents Brought To Light About Executed Tatar Leader
      The Tatar Publishing House has issue a book titled "Sultangaliev: Declassified Documents From His Case File" to mark the 110th anniversary of the birth of Mirsaid Sulta! ngaliev, a famous Tatar politician and national ideologist who was shot by the NKVD in Moscow in 1940, intertat.ru reported on 26 June, citing the press service of the Main Archive of Tatarstan's Cabinet of Ministers. The publication includes documents that had been classified for more than 50 years. Sultangaliev was one of the chief opponents of Josef Stalin on nationalities issues during the establishment of the Soviet Union.
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