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Törk(i) Bírdemlík Könö-Turk(ic) Unity Day

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  • Reshat Sabiq
    smail aspral n� tuan k�n�n yeise Ter�man gezit�n�� b�r�n�� ne�r k�n�n�� T�rk(i) b�rdeml�k k�n� bularaq beyrem it�l�w�n teqdim item. Aslnda bu k�n ind� beyrem
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 9, 2002
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      İsmail Ğaspıralı'nıñ tuğan könön yeise Terüman gezitíníñ bírínçí neşír könönöñ Törk(i) bírdemlík könö bularaq beyrem itílüwín teqdim item.
      Asılında bu kön indí beyrem itíle, aña bu meğnení birü gíne qaldı.
      150 yıllığında mondoy bír kön bilgílew bik şep bulır idí.


      I propose celebrating the birthday of Ismail Gaspirali or the day of first issue of his Terjuman newspaper as the day of Turk(ic) unity.

      In principal, this day is already celebrated by many, it is only necessary to associate that meaning with it.

      It would be nice to set this day now soon after his 150th anniversary.

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