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Sites on Tatar Music?

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  • Reshat Sabiq
    Duslar, bu efend�ge Tatar muzkas xaqnda b�lgen�g�z saytlarn cibere almasszm. Min b�rs�n ciberd�m: http://www.egi.kth.se/nps/staff/askar/SONGS/songs.htm
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 28, 2001

      bu efendíge Tatar muzıkası xaqında bílgenígíz saytlarnı cibere almassızmı.

      Min bírsín ciberdím:


      please forward some links to sites on Tatar music to Mr. Carrera.


      --- Falcata-Galia_Recordings
      > Greetings;
      > I'd like to know if anyone on this list would be
      > able to direct me to where
      > I can find out more about Tatar musicians. Ones who
      > I know and love are
      > Enver Izmailov and Sofia Gubaidulina. I am
      > interested in ethnic music, new
      > jazz, and modern classical.
      > Regards,
      > Rudy Carrera
      > Falcata-Galia Recordings / Tariff Records
      > PO Box #134 - Rialto, California #92377 - USA
      > http://www.falcata-galia.com
      > http://www.tariffrecords.com
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