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Last week's provocation?

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  • Irek Bikkinin
    Reshat, you are again in some unrest. You write:
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2000
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      Reshat, you are again in some unrest.
      You write:
      <I will try to reply to last week's provocation tomorrow.>
      OK, do it. You are welcome.
      Do you call my critics of non-Tatarness of your artificial phrase "Zinhar, rexetsiz itmegiz!" a provocation?
      I live in real Russia and tomorrow, when you'll try "to expose" me, I'll be again on a trial against our newspaper and personally against me, on a trial, which is lasting almost for 2 years. This is a real supressive action regarding Tatar newspaper in Mordovia and me, one of the real persons of peaceful resistance of Tatars.
      So, I'll be attacked tomorrow by Tatarophobs in Mordovia and a Turkophil (or a Tatarophob too?) from Turkey. They will attack me the same day. There is nothing to wonder if to remember some episodes from the history of Russian-Turkish relations and Tatar khanates.
      I appreciate your almost everyday reminding us about Russian-Chechen war, but I can't accept your intentions to convince us that Tatar and Turkish languages are close in such a degree. OK, let's suppose they are close in the degree you affirm or maybe even more. So what? What should we do? Tatar and Bashkir languages are much more closer. And what of this? What do you want to say?
      About the texts in your site:

      Sorry, but some of them are not quite Tatar ones. There are both in Turkish and Tatar plenty of common loanwords from Arabic and Persian. Some of them are not already used in modern Tatar language, but you use them to make Tatar phrases similar to their Turkish counterparts.
      I understand you try to build Tatar phrases as close to their Turkish equivalents as possible. Why? For whom?
      Just to show to the people who doesn't command well modern Tatar language that Tatar language is almost Turkish language of Turkey?
      Do you think Tatars of Tatarstan speak in that a strange manner? Maybe it's Tatar language of Tatars of Turkey?
      In one of your earlier messages (19.10.2000) you wrote:
      <..."Tatar per se" is close to Turkish. It is about 65% the same. But russian
      imperialism has been doing a good job in building "great and unique Tatar nation" to make sure it does not survive through the 21st century.>
      So you think that Russian imperialism is building "great and unique Tatar nation"? Are you insane?
      Do you mean all Tatars should immediately call themselves Turks? At least Volga Turks?
      Tatar and Turkish are "65% the same"? Why not 60 or 70? Who has made calculations?
      That's one of your Quasi-Tatar sentences. Just look at it and you'll understand that I am right.
      Elaborate-adjustment text:

      Yigirmibirinchi ghasyrnyng busaghasynda, Fransyzcha we Almancha kibik tillerning 50-100 yyl ichinde yuq bulachaghy xaqqynda farazlar urtagha chyqqanda, ghomumen de tiller milliyetasha qyrlargha achylyrgha mecbur qalghanda, xetta milliyetichi qyrlarny taraytyrgha tyryshu, til qarshysynda ghafu itilmes bir cinayettir.

      Turkish translation:

      Yirmibirinci asrın eşiğinde, Fransızca ve Almanca gibi dillerin 50-100 yıl içerisinde yok olacağı hakkında tahminler ortaya çıkarken, umumen de diller milliyetötesi boyutlara açılmaya mecbur kalırken, milliyetiçi boyutları bile daraltmaya çalışmak, dil karşısında affedilmez bir cinayettir.

      English translation:

      On the threshold of the 21st century, when forecasts appear that such languages as French and German will get extinct within 50-100 years, and generally when languages have to open to trans-ethnic dimensions, trying to narrow even intra-ethnic dimensions is an unforgivable crime against the language.

      ----- Èñõîäíîå ñîîáùåíèå -----
      Îòïðàâëåíî: 1 íîÿáðÿ 2000 ã. 2:00
      Òåìà: [tatar-l] Tatarça-Türkçe

      A new file on modal verbs 2 has been added to:


      You feedback is appreciated.


      P.S. I will try to reply to last week's provocation
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