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Tatar News -- April 12, 2000

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  • Uli Schamiloglu
    Tatar News Tatar-Bashkir Service -- Radio Liberty (copyright RFE/RL, Inc.) www.rferl.org bitcasts news in Tatar/Bashkir, Azeri, Kazak, Kyrgyz, Turkmen, Uzbek,
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      Tatar News
      Tatar-Bashkir Service -- Radio Liberty
      (copyright RFE/RL, Inc.)
      www.rferl.org bitcasts news in Tatar/Bashkir, Azeri, Kazak, Kyrgyz, Turkmen, Uzbek, & other languages
      light English editing by Uli Schamiloglu at the request of the editor

       Tatar News 12 April

      KamAZ To Launch An Assembly Line In Ethiopia

      The KamAZ autmotive company's press service reported on 12 April that the
      company would launch an assembly line in Ethiopia in May, 2000. The joint
      venture of the KamAZ and Ethiopian Mesfin companies will reportedly be
      distributing heavy trucks in a number of East African countries.
      According to the statement of KamAZ general director Ivan Kostin the victory
      of his company's team in the Dakar-Kairo off road race also attracted the
      interest of possible customers in Iraq and Libya. While experts from KamAZ
      reportedly finished the field tests of the heavy trucks in Iraq, Libya
      allowed the company's representatives to study its automotive market.

      Water Level To Be Raised In Tuben Kama

      Tatarstan's deputy prime minister Sergey Kogogin told a press conference
      on 11 April that the republican government "planned to begin raising the level
      of the Tuben Kama water reserve in Chally in 2001." This measure is expected to
      let Tatarstan reduce the natural gas consumption of gas-burning power plants. The
      increase in the water level will reportedly allow the Tuben Kama hydroelectric power station in Chally
      to boost its output.
      According to a governmental source this program will require an
      investment of 32 billion rubles. Kogogin told the press conference that the
      republican government was negotiating with the federal government on granting
      this program the status of "federal" for attracting federal transfer payments.
      According to a governmental experts group if the program takes place 43
      thousand hectares of land would be drowned in TR, 15 thousand in
      Bashkortostan and 13 thousand in neighboring Udmurtia. Tatarstan's ministry
      of economy and industry was ordered to discuss this perspective with the
      governments concerned and to identify possible investors for this project.

      6 More Deputies Elected For Tatarstan's Parliament

      Final results of the second round of republican parliamentary elections
      in 6 election areas of Tatarstan were announced on 11 April. According to
      the Central Election Committee the turnout rate was "unexpectedly high" and
      reached 30-40% of voters. Only in the Safiullin election area did the candidate Tatyana
      Larionova representing the Kazan city administration intended to protest the
      voting results. She told the republican media that she would insist on a
      recount of ballots since her rival Alexander Shtanin was announced a
      winner exceeding her rate with less than 1% of votes. The same day she
      withdrew her claim from the CEC without deliberations with the committee.
      Alexander Shtanin is a representative of the RIZ [Equality, Legality and
      Legal Order] opposition party.

      Children Of Chally Send Gifts To Gudermes

      Agencies reported on 12 April that children of Tatarstan's second city
      Chally prepared 40 packages of sweets and writing utensils to be sent to
      children in the refugee camps in Gudermes, Chechnya. Gifts were prepared in the
      volunteer "Chocolate Bar" operation .

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