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798[tatar-l] Re: Fw: My answer to the hypocrisy of the West, please join me

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  • esa.anttikoski@joensuu.fi
    Nov 1, 1999
      Hello Irek!

      This is probably off-topic, but I just couldn't help asking what
      exactly do you mean by "Finno-Ugrish [-Ugrian] way of thinking"?

      The whole idea of "Finno-Ugrian unity" is a deliberate mystification -
      in terms of culture, religion etc. most nations that speak Finno-Ugrian
      languages (say, the Finns and Estonians compared with Mordvinians,
      Mari, etc.) have very little in common. In fact, Russian language and
      Russian cultural influences are probably the only thing that ties us

      I would assume that the "Tatar way of thinking" is much closer to the
      Mordvinians than Estonian or Finnish...

      With best wishes,
      Esa Anttikoski, Joensuu, Finland

      "irek bikkinin" <ire-@...> wrote:

      > I forwarded this message not as a serious letter, but only as a
      > example of Finno-Ugrish thought.
      > Finno-Ugrish way of thought differs from ours. Sometimes it is very
      > difficult to understand their motives. They know it themselves. The
      > Finno-Ugrish nations
      > give the most percentage of suicides in the world. Some 2 years ago
      in one
      > the biggest newpapers of Saransk was published a quasi scientific
      > about Finno-Ugrish, and in particular, Erzian pecularities of
      > Mokshas are closer to Tatars in their character, but we, Tatars, are
      > closer to Russians in this way.
      > So I don't think that this letter would call a debate in TMG because
      > don't think in Finno-Ugrish manner.
      > I am sorry to disturb all of you in TMG.
      > Best wishes,
      > Irek Bikkinin
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