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6352Tatar Athletes at the Olympics

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  • SabirjanB@aol.com
    Sep 1, 2004
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      Tatar Athletes at the Olympics

      As during many previous Olympics, Tatar athletes won many medals in Athens in 2004.  Tatar athletes who competed in Athens did so on behalf of Russia and some other countries.

      But what if all Tatar athletes had a chance to copmete under the flag of their own ethnic homeland or under the flag of Tatarstan (an autonomous republic within Russia which is the historical motherland of all Volga Tatars)?

      It's been calculated that Tatarstan would have been placed 18th or 19th among the 202 countries that participated in the Olympics (ranked by the total number of medals.) In other wods, with 10-13 medals won by Tatar athletes, Tatarstan would have been among the 20 strongest athletic nations of the world.

      Here are the names of the Tatar athletes who won mendals during the Athens Olympics:


      Kabaeva Alina Maratovna 
      Khasanova Elvira Ramilevna
      (?) Isanbaeva Yelena Gadjievna


      Abasova Tamila Rashidovna 
      Mannurova Guzel Tahirovna


      Ganiev Renal Ramilevich 
      Nasibullin Ruslan Rafikovich
      Saitov Oleg Elekbayevich
      Zakirov Marat S├Ągitovich
      Zinnurov Irek Khaidarovich 
      Ziganshina Natalia Kamilovna
      (?) Raxmatullina Oksana Yevgenyevna
      Zemfira Miftahutdinova (Azerbajan)

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