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205[tatar-l] Re: TATAR

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  • Ihsan Yokus
    Mar 2, 1999
      > I think most people use the word TATAR to refer to modern Kazan Tatars and
      > Crimean Tatars.

      That's right.
      > As to TARTAR, it is generally used to refer to the ancient people known as
      > cruel and bloodthirsty conquerors of Asia and Eastern Europe.

      Isn't it obvious and understandable that losers tend to offend and
      attack their victorious enemies verbally.
      The bad stories that Chinese or Europeans tell about our ancestors
      shouldn't bother us so much.
      Let's be proud of our history.Our ancestors founded the greatest empire
      worls has ever seen (unless you feel yourself more as Bulgar than Tatar)
      The old Tatars were mighty and powerful.
      I hope our time will come again.

      The second R in the middle of the word comes obviously from the Greek
      word Tartarus.

      Ihsan Y.

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