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13611Nazar Look July 2013

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  • Taner Murat
    Aug 11, 2013
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      Nazar Look July 2013 is Online now.
      2-rudyard kipling
      If… - Eger …
      5-book launch
      Looking Back - Short Stories of Our Time
      6-mikayil múşfik
      8-miftahettin akmulla
      Başkurtlarîm, okîmak kerek!
      10-taner murat, scythia minor (little crimea)
      Kókten sesler - Temúçin (XIX)
      12-james s. dorr, indiana, usa
      Moons of Saturn
      Alas for Youth
      28-tu fu
      The Winding River
      30-yen nguyen, france
      Too True to Be Good
      34-hal o’leary, west virginia , usa
      From Whence
      There’s Something  Else
      The Struggle
      38-edmund spencer
      Travels in Circassia , Krim Tartary, &c. (XIII)
      40-aziz ahmet, crimea
      Photoshop: Crimea, Chameleon Cape That Changes Its Color During the Day
      Nazar Look:


      Taner Murat
      Constanta, Romania