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Re: [taskcoach] Do not disable categories in category tree view -- how?

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  • Frank Niessink
    Hi Kirill, Since you re asking about internals of Task Coach, this question should be best discussed on the taskcoach-dev mailinglist (see
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 6, 2011
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      Hi Kirill,

      Since you're asking about internals of Task Coach, this question
      should be best discussed on the taskcoach-dev mailinglist (see
      http://taskcoach.org/devinfo.html), but I don't want to redirect you
      again without answering so here it goes.

      2011/12/6 Kirill Müller <mail@...>:
      > I'm looking for a way to remove disabling of subcategories that are a child of a mutually exclusive category if this category is not checked.

      Why do you want this? You give a use case below, but I don't
      understand it. Can you please give a more elaborate example where this
      is needed?

      > How is the enabling of items controlled in the category tree view? I've been searching in the code for an hour and just couldn't find it. Google is mute, too -- keywords searched are "wxwidgets treeview disable item". Please advise.

      The widget used here is the HyperTreeList. It builds on the
      CustomTreeCtrl. Googling with those terms (and wxPython) will probably
      turn up more.

      > In addition, I found that it is impossible to filter for category 1a1 without enabling 1a, too. My use case is the following:
      > - Tasks are either work or private (exclusive categories)
      > - For the work tasks, I'd like to define sub-categories that belong to "projects" connected to work
      > I suggest that in the "Categories" view of the main window, all items should be made checkable independently of what else is checked. If a new task is created and there's a tie (i.e., two mutually exclusive categories are checked), it gets "any" category that wouldn't hide it in the current view.

      I don't understand the above paragraph. My first reaction is: If you
      don't want mutual exclusive subcategories then simply don't use them,
      but I'm probably missing something.

      > I'm on the Release1_2 branch in SVN. Is Release1_3 stable enough for production use?

      Actually, the Release1_2 branch is not maintained anymore since the
      release of 1.3.0. Release1_3_Branch is the one actively developed now,
      in addition to the trunk.

      Cheers, Frank
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