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Re: Odp: [tarnobrzeg-gen] Lebanon connections?

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  • Glenda Sajwaj
    Marek, Thank you for your actions here. I have enough spam already. Tom
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 9, 2000
      Thank you for your actions here. I have enough spam already.

      Marek Duszkiewicz wrote:

      > On Sat, 9 Aug 2014 14:14:53 +0200 "jotter" <jotter@...> writes:
      > > <With all respect due to our moderator, why a member from Lebanon is
      > > supposed to harm Polish tarnobrzeg-gen chat grup? I can not figure
      > > any
      > > evident reason for this apart from some kind of egsageration.
      > > Objections
      > > that are produced only because of an address sims me as dangerous
      > > as the
      > > real threat of a possible danger. Jerzy Terpilowski
      > Mr Terpilowski
      > Every group like ours is potential target for Internet marketing
      > specialists.They surf the net to fish for large amount
      > of active email addresses.In case of Tarnobrzeg-Gen they
      > have to become a member in order to have access to other
      > member addresses.
      > What do they do next? They sell those addresses to other
      > companies.
      > Those Lebanese addreseses belongs to webmaster of
      > of company specializing in giving away free aliases.
      > Giving away email aliases for free is another way of
      > getting people active addresses.I order to get one You
      > have to provide the original one.
      > I do not give You link to that page only because I do not want
      > to give them free publicity they are looking for.
      > Beside it is not the first time Lebanese firm are
      > doing it .
      > Since I know from TV Polonia about some Tarnobrzeg's
      > and Staszow,s emigrants living in Lebanon I expect them
      > to contact us soonner or later.Unfortunately all I get
      > so far is crap like I described above.
      > Every time I asked them privately for purpose to be here
      > or on any other Tarnobrzeg,s list I never get response.
      > This time I asked the same qustion publicly and as result
      > webmaster@... unsubscribed himself
      > from Tarnobrzeg -gen .
      > Marek D.
      > you misunderstood the whole message.
      > I have reasons to believe that 2 lebcom addressses
      > got involved in this list
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