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Re: [tarnobrzeg-gen] Re: Hi! I am a new member!

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  • James Nowak
    Hope you find something good. Let me know. Jim Britney Hawk wrote: Thank you, Jim for all of the wonderful information! Now I can t
    Message 1 of 11 , Feb 5, 2008
      Hope you find something good. Let me know.

      Britney Hawk <britneyhawk@...> wrote:
      Thank you, Jim for all of the wonderful information! Now I can't wait for the kids to go to bed so that I can look at the websites! :-)


      jms_nowak <jms_nowak@...> wrote: Hello to all of you who were asking about the villages of: D¹browica
      <http://www.baranowsandomierski.pl/pl/0,38/38/> ,
      Durdy <http://www.baranowsandomierski.pl/pl/0,39/39/> , Œlêzaki
      <http://www.baranowsandomierski.pl/pl/0,49/49/> & Wola Baranowska
      <http://www.baranowsandomierski.pl/pl/0,50/50/> .............

      These villages are all quite small and have been associated with the
      main town of Baranow-Sandomierski (population about 1,500) for
      centuries. This is the area of my ancestors, also. Some of my family
      still live there. I would suggest that you log on to their website. It
      is a very large website, especially considering that the population is
      rather small. The galeria of photos is very large and you will be able
      to see photos of the villages and of the people and the churches. My
      cousin does a lot of the photography, etc. Now, don't have a heart
      attack, but the website is in Polish. Even if you are not fluent in the
      Polish language, you can make out a lot of things.....and try to find
      some one in your area who is fluent in Polish and can do some
      translating for you. The website address is :

      www.baranowsandomierski.pl <http://www.baranowsandomierski.pl> and
      who knows, you might find your relatives. On the right-hand side of
      the page you will find a listing of the villages. If you click on the
      village you will go to the individual village web-site and get the
      history, population size and the name of the mayor and council members,
      etc. If you click on the photos, they will enlarge. On the right side,
      top of the page, you will see "Galeria"---- this is the photo website,
      and you could spend forever on it if you have an interest.

      You will find various celebrations in the individual village on it. On
      the left hand side, under "O Gminie" scroll down to Parafie and you
      will get information and photos about the Churches. On the
      right-handside Scroll down to Wirtualne Muzeum and click on. This has
      lots of photos of the "living history" museum which will give you a very
      good idea of how your ancestors lived long ago. Happy hunting!!!

      Now, as to records, some of the sacramental records (birth, death and
      marriage) from the villages are recorded in the parish books of St. John
      the Baptist in Baranow. It has been a long time since I looked at the
      old records, so I do not remember what is where on those records...BUT I
      do recall that the records from about 1800 to the 1870s are on
      LDS/Mormon microfilm and available to you in the US. Check with your
      local genealogical source as to how to get them. Also, some of the
      records for Œlêzaki
      <http://www.baranowsandomierski.pl/pl/0,49/49/> might be in the records
      of the parish Church in Miechocin, a couple of miles north.

      As to the names, I am not familiar with any of them, except for "Durda".
      Durda is a fairly common last name for the area and a few of them
      appreared in my family tree. I know that there are some Durdas on the
      village council of Durdy. Another very common name is Œlêzak
      <http://www.baranowsandomierski.pl/pl/0,49/49/> .

      Best of luck to all of you and hope you find something.

      Jim (Kuba) Nowak

      PS. please be aware, that the diacritical marks (those strange marks
      above or below or in letter are not decorations. There presence (or
      absence) can change the pronunciation and/or meaning of a word.

      --- In tarnobrzeg-gen@yahoogroups.com, "britneyhawk" <britneyhawk@...>
      > Hello Everyone
      > My name is Britney Hawk and I am a new member to the group. I have
      > been researching my family history for about 7 years and I am
      > currently working on my great-grandmother's side of the family. From a
      > recently discovered Baptismal record, I found that she was from the
      > Tarnobrzeg area. Here is what I know:
      > Name: Zofia (aka Sophia, Sophie) Obara - Married name: Cieszynski
      > Born: 2-22-1885 in Durdy, Galacia
      > Died: 3-23-1978 in Milwaukee, WI
      > Immigrated: 3-24-1905 through Ellis Island
      > Parents: John (Joannes)Obara and Katherine Durda
      > According to Baptismal records, (which were in Latin) her Godparents
      > were Josephus Durda and Agatha Durda. The midwife who delivered her
      > was listed as Marianne Obara. She was baptized in the parish of Wola
      > Baranowska, in the district of Tarnobrzeg, in the subdiocese of
      > Mielec, in the Diocese of Tarnow.
      > Also, I think I may have found a sister who also immigrated to the
      > United States. Her name is Justyna. She arrived in the US on 5-24-1911
      > through Ellis Island, at the age of 21 years. Her place of origin was
      > Durdy, Galacia.
      > If any of you have any suggestions on where I can go from here or
      > think that you may be related in some way, I would greatly appreciate
      > any help that I can get.
      > Thank you!
      > Britney Hawk

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