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Re: [tarnobrzeg-gen] Zaborczyny,Medrzechow/ Pasiak,Koszalka

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  • marek duszkiewicz
    On Fri, 7 Nov 2003 07:17:22 -0500 Joann Misiak ... There are 2 places near to each other: ME~DRZECHO~W and WOLA ME~DRZECHOWSKA Check
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 8, 2003
      On Fri, 7 Nov 2003 07:17:22 -0500 "Joann Misiak" <joann71@...>
      > Hi All-
      > I am new to the list but I have been researching by Polish ancestry
      > for a
      > couple of months now. I have had a lot of luck with my
      > great-grandmother's
      > family who were from the Szczucin and Wola Medzrechowska area of
      > Poland

      There are 2 places near to each other: ME~DRZECHO~W and
      Check map here

      Here is Miedrzechow Church
      Parafia p. w. Najsw. Maryi Panny Kr�lowej Polski
      33-221 Medrzech�w 1,
      phone (48-14) 643-7119

      and here is that Guest book of that church website visitors
      You can post there your story and also find email addresses
      of immigrants from the area now living in USA. They may help.

      > because the church records for these parishes were filmed by the
      > LDS. I have not been able to find much about my grandfather's
      > side of the family.
      > I have been given the name of a priest by my Aunt who may be related
      > and may have information on the Misiak family. She gave me an
      > address, but it doesn't seem to make much sense so I was
      > wondering if anyone could tell me the right way to address a letter.
      > I was given somehelp on the correct spelling of the towns/areas
      > from another mailing list I am on.
      > The priest's name is Joseph Pasiak and the address my Aunt
      > gave me is Zaborchyny (Zaborczyny?), Groble 496-3S 416

      They move priests arround and I can only suggest where to look
      for him. He may serve for the church nearest to ZABORCZYNY
      which is:
      Parafia p.w. Najswietszego Serca Pana Jezusa
      37-430 Jezowe,
      Groble 46C,
      tel. 48-15-879-4157


      Parafia p.w. Niepokalanego Serca NMP
      36-002 Jasionka,
      Stobierna 355,
      tel. 48-17-772-3690

      > Tarnobeski (Tarnobrzeg?), Poland.

      It refers to Jezowe area which belonged to not existing anymore
      "tarnobrzeskie wojewodztwo" (Tarnobrzeg voivodship).

      There is photo of Rudnik High School reunion which took place
      in 2001

      Priest Jozef Pasiak stands in 3rd row as 7th from left. Next to
      him to the right stands Aleksandra Mlynarska -maiden name
      KOSZALKA (other surname researched on this List).

      Marek D.

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