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308[tarnobrzeg-gen] Re: Lucias cuzin found!

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  • Larry Rollings
    Feb 4, 2000
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      Dear Marek,

      Congratulations on the recent success of one of the listserv. members.

      If you would please consider broadcasting the following (or some version of
      it) Any relatives of "Pacosz" or "Holody" or any one with any memory of
      these paternal grandparents surnames. Would have left Poland from the
      Modliborzyce area turn of 19th/20th century - Felinow - and my aunt Maria
      Kowalski lived there at the family farm until her death about a decade ago.

      When I visited in 1986 this had been the first visit from any American
      family and my aunt was too frail and the family too poor to travel to
      cemeteries, churches, etc. I spent my 2 weeks with them on the farm - two
      cherished weeks! Please if anyone knows any of these people - Anthony
      Pacosz (PACZOS) or Ewa Holody (CHOLODY) I would be very grateful if they
      would contact me:

      Christina Pacosz
      2003 N.E. Russell Rd., #102
      Kansas City, MO 64116


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      Subject: [tarnobrzeg-gen] Re: Lucias cuzin found!

      > On Sun, 16 Jan 2000 18:37:57 EST GkneeoloG@... writes:
      > > My paternal grandfather, Karol Wicinski, came to the US from Wrzawy
      > > in 1913.
      > Above Info translated into Polish had been broadcasted from Radio Leliwa
      > in Tarnobrzeg.
      > The relative of Karol Wicinski had been found!!!
      > Janusz Wicinski lives in Wrzawy nr d.76 tel 0-15-838-38-49
      > says Karol Wicinski is brother of his grandfather.
      > Please give me next requests privately or on this list.
      > Do not forget attach your snail mail address(will not be
      > publicized on the air)so found person could exchange
      > letters.
      > Good Luck Marek D.
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