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1758Rozwadow or Tarnobrzeg

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  • Inacio
    Jul 29, 2013
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      My late father was born in Rozwadow in 1909.The family moved in 1915 to Tarnow and my Father left home 12 years later
      I have some information about my ancestors, which I got from an Uncle, older than my Father who remembered more. It goes 5 generations back, but he gave me only the names of the masculine persons and no dates or places.
      However in one of my Father's papers I found that in Belgium, when asked about the birth place of his Father, Herman (Hersz Mendel) Steinhardt, my Father wrote Tarnobrzeg. I know that the two places are not far from each other, and that Rozwadow had only a small Jewish community.

      I did not find any other Steinhardt's in Rozwadow except for one person with whom I don't see relation.

      I have reserched in Jewishgen the records about Steinhardt's in Tarnobrzeg and I found many. There are two with names and dates that could apply to my Grand-father, but I didn't find the names of his parents, siblings or others that I could recognize.

      As a matter of fact I have been able to trace the relatives of other researchers that I know, with the same surname,and helped them with the data I found, but not mine!

      So I am lost and don't know where to search more.
      Any suggestions will be most appreciated.

      Thank you