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1753Introducing myself: Parents grew up in Tarnobrzeg

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  • emil_535
    Jul 21, 2013
      I am a new member of this group and would like to introduce myself.

      I am the son of Eisig Safier and Sabina Safier (Zamojre), both of whom were born in Tarnobrzeg (1904, and 1914, respectively).

      The Safier branch of the family can trace its history to to Tarnobrzeg to 1868.

      My mothers father Samuel was a teacher at the local Hebrew School.

      I visited Tarnobrzeg some twenty years ago when Poland was still under communist rule and we were treated to a wonderful reception by my mothers old high school friends. We also visited the nearbye Jewish cemetary which was being cared for by a Polish man who lived in the area.

      When Germany invaded Poland the Jews of Tarnobrzeg were expelled, and most like my parents and their family headed towards Russia where they were given the choice of becoming Russian citizens or Russian prisoners. The lucky ones, like my parents, chose Siberian prison over citizenship and were therefore able to survive the war.

      At the time when my family lived in Tarnobrzeg it was a village of some 3,000 souls, both Jewish and Catholic. Today there are no Jews that I know of in Tarnobrzeg and the population is closer to 30,000 (or was when I last checked many years ago).

      My interest in this group is to both locate family members and folks who may have known my own family or its history in the town of Tarnobrzeg . I speak Polish, but would have difficulty reading or writing it. I am fluent in English and can get by in both French and Hebrew.

      I live in Los Angeles, CA.

      You can write directly to me at qfilms@...