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1713Agnieszka Wilk Krysa

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  • fredsadrak
    Jan 13, 2013
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      While gathering information on the Sadrakul~a family, I reviewed the ship's manifest on the Ellis Island website for my great uncle Ignacy Sadrakula. He was traveling with Josef Wilk. Both men where traveling to Kansas City, KS. Josef to see his sister, Agnieszka, and Ignacy to see his cousin. From the ditto marks on the manifest, I'd say Agnieszka was Ignacy's cousin, and of course my grandfather's cousin. My grandfather's family was from Wielowies, which connects with your posting of Agnes. Josef listed his father's names as Jan Wilk. Should you discover Jan Wilk's wife's maiden name, please post it.
      I'm catching up on my family search, and have been reading old postings and spotted yours.