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1710Sur name Sadrakula

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  • fredsadrak
    Jun 22, 2012
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      Quick background: My father was born Ferdinand Leopold Sadrakula, however, in 1948 a few months prior to my birth he had the name shorten to Sadrak. My grandfather, John and his brother Ignatz(Ignacy) emmigrated to the U.S. Their three brother, Francois, Joseph, and Adam emmigrated to France. There was a sister, but I can't find her name. Based on information from Ellis Island, I have a theory she may have married a Jan Wilk.
      In addition to help from Anne Sadrakula (Chicago) and Bill Ware (Passaic, NJ), I've been able to assembled quite a bit of information. I'm at a point where I would like to link my great grandfather, Tomasz (born 1859), to the following people: Franciszek (Born ~1864), Wojciech (Franciszek's brother), Nicholas (Mikolaj), Antoni,and three named Joseph. Franz and Wojciech were from Rzezyce, Nicholas and Antoni were from Wielowies. One Joseph was from Wiechocin, one was from Osinki, and the other may have been from Sandomierz. Documents concerning my great grandfather, grandfather, and his brothers either state Tarnobrzeg or Wielowies.
      There are a few females I've linked to some of the men above, but getting information on the men should resolve questions concerning the ladies.
      If anyone has information that you think will help, please send it to me. The more I can get accomplished in the next 12 months should make my research in Poland easier.
      One more item I could use help on. A Josephine Sadrakula,who lived in Buffalo, NY, had 5 children between 1914 and 1924. Unfortunately, I have been unable to learn her husband's first name. The 1930 census lists her as head of the household.
      Fred Sadrak
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