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1634Schlissel and Kieschenbaum Families from Tranobrzeg/Djikov

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  • lamedmem
    May 13, 2008
      Hi everyone my name is Leon Mandel I am originally from London UK but
      now live in Brooklyn NY. My father's parents Herz and Lea Mandel (nee
      Schlissel)emigrated from Tranobrzeg/Djikov to the UK after the first
      world war in about 1919 there is extensive information about the
      Schlissel family from Tranobrzeg/Djikov at www.schlissel.org but I am
      particularly interested in looking into the family of my great
      grandmother the mother of Lea Mandel (nee Schlissel)who was
      Necah Devorah (Dwojra Necha)Schlissel (nee KIRSCHENBAUM was the
      daughter of Gershon (Gerson) and Malka KIRSCHENBAUM she lived in
      Tarnobzeg (or adjoining Buda Stalowska) where she was married to
      Yisrael Mates (or Matus) Schlussel she died around 1922 age about 70.
      She was concidered a prominent and righteous lady and sat next to the
      Dzhikover Rabbi's wife in the Synagogue, she owned an Inn (or Pub) in
      the forest near Dzhikov which she inherited from her family (it may
      have been leased fromn the local Count) We Know that Necha Devorah had
      a son Gershon SCHLISSEL 08/02/1890 who she named after her father so
      Gershon must have died before this date

      Necha Devora KERSCHENBAUM was a descendant of Yakov Yitzchak (Son of
      Asher) RABINOVITZ of Przysucha,(1766-1813) Known As Yehudi Hakodesh or
      Yid HaKodesh (The Holy Jew) of Przysucha.
      Yakov Yitzchak's son was Yerachmiel RABINOVITZ of Peshischa (d. 1831)
      Yerachmiel Rabinowitz's son was Nathan David RABINOVITZ of Shidlovtza
      (d. 1865)
      Nathan David Rabinowitz's youngest son was Yitzchok Yaakov RABINOVITZ
      Biala the author of Divrei Binah (d. 1905)

      I wonder I anyone knows if there are any further records mentioning
      the KIRRSCHENBAUM family and the ancestors of Gershon (Gerson) and
      Malka KIRSCHENBAUM. Also if there are any records on the local inn or
      Pub that was leased from the Count. I would also like to find how the
      KIRSCHENBAUM family is linked to the RABINOVITZ family.

      I would be greatfl for any help or tips

      Thanking you in anticipation.

      Leon Mandel