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1548RE: [tarnobrzeg-gen] Lipinki

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  • Marek Duszkiewicz
    Jan 28, 2007
      -- "Richard Hardesty" <rhardest@...> wrote:
      Hi Elizabeth�a few years back I think you gave me an LDS microfiche number
      for the Austrian army who recruited from Tarnobrzeg�somehow I lost that
      critical piece of information�do you still have it�..richard hardesty

      I think Elizabeth already explained to You once
      that she is not the one who had LDS microfiche number.
      Not her and not anybody else neither. Simply because
      Mormons were not allowed to microfilming in Tarnobrzeg
      area churches. So,if such documents ever exist they are not
      available trough LDS.

      Good Luck
      Marek D.
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