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  • vicky gunkel
    Jul 6, 2006
      Jan, some time ago, I sent a some church records on Wilk's, Duma's and possibly Rutnya's to someone and never knew if they were helpful or beneficial to that person. These people were from the Tarnobrzeg area, and settled in the Kansas City area. I hate to ask but my memory doesn't serve me well, was that you? My grandfather came from an area that looks like Jerziorko on his ships manifest but it has never been concluded due to the horrible handwriting. I was always told he was from Tarnobrzeg. His baptismal certificate lists Zaleszany as the Parochia, Miechocin as the Decantus, Przemsyl as the Dioecesis, and Tarnobrzeg as the Districtus. (1896 Galacia, Austria) if thats any help to locating baptismal records to anyone looking for that time frame. I am with Tom on hitting dead ends as well as recommending the book, From Serfdom to Selfdom. Sorry I am late to replying to this group. There have been so little activity that I don't check here too often. I hope things
      change and we can help each other. Vicky

      janbirkner@... wrote: --Dear Geyle,

      I was so happy to see you in the chat room. Sorry i was late, had a storm! I would really hate to see this list disappear! I haven't found all of my Tarnobrzeg people yet! Mine were from all around that area. Jeziorko, Grebow, Mielec. I am especially interested right now in my mother's grandfather, Mateusz ZIOBERSKI. Apparently he left that area, and ended up in Zgoda Lubelskie, where he became a shoemaker, and married his boss's daughter! His father was named Tomas, and he had a sister, but nobody seems ot remember her name, only that she moved away. Mateusz left the area because he didn't want to go into the army. My grandmother was born in Zgoda Lubelskie in about 1895 or 1896. We have no birth record of her. She died when my mother was born, and my grandfather said he thought she was about 2 5. Her ship manifest said she was 17 years old when she arrived in the US, which was in 1912 or 1914. Can't access the program right now, but will get it all together, and send it
      on. Who knows, maybe there is a cousin here for me!

      I have written to the man at Trees.pl, about our October anniversary celebration at genealogyforum.org, and he has agreed to do a talk for us. He asked that I send him a list of questions that our chatters (or anyone else!) might have about research in Poland. They have access to many different places for information!

      So, there is something for everyone to work on...ZIOBERSKI Any takers?

      Also ithe Tarnobrzeg area I have

      I have a few records on some of them. They are church pages, and have a LOT of names on them! I will try to make a list of the names on the records that I have. Maybe there will be something that is needed by someon on this list!

      Jan Birkner
      LIVE, FREE Genealogy Help

      ---- Gayle Schlissel Riley <key2pst@...> wrote:
      > IF this group were to stay on..or up..We would need something to talk about.
      > Where have you found records? resources? Anyone going to Poland soon?
      > Andrew Tarnowski from the great landowner family has written a book. The
      > Last Mazurka(dance). I found it very interesting. IT speaks about the
      > Tarnowski family during mostly the WWII period. Telling a little about
      > Dzikow. I think it is worth reading. For now it can only be purchased
      > from Amazon.com.UK.
      > Jan I logged on to the chat realizing it only up at night. Gayle
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      > to have access to our archives http://groups.yahoo.com/group/tarnobrzeg-gen
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