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  • Taoist Meditations / Taoist Thoughts
    We look but don t see it and call it indistinct we listen but don t hear it and call it faint we reach but don t grasp it and call it ethereal three failed
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 6, 2006

      We look but don't see it
      and call it indistinct
      we listen but don't hear it
      and call it faint
      we reach but don't grasp it
      and call it ethereal
      three failed means to knowledge
      we weave into one
      with no light above
      with no shade below
      too fine to be named
      returning to nothing
      this is the formless form
      the immaterial image
      this is the waxing waning
      we meet without seeing its face
      we follow without seeing its back
      holding onto this very Way
      we rule this very realm
      and discover its ancient past
      this is the thread of the Way.

      TaoteChing #14
      translated by Red Pine


      beautiful purple colorado columbine

      Ripe fruit, crisp greens, live grain.
      Vital roots, tender meat, spring water.
      Growing essence nourishes your own.
      Essence alloyed with breath makes you flexible
           but hard.
      The sage's body is armored.
      The sage is impervious to death.

      Those who follow Tao speak of three treasures in the body: essence, breath, and spirit.

      Essence is the biochemical aspect of your body, nurtured by the food you eat, and regulated by the quality of your hormones. Therefore, all your food should be packed and glowing with energy. Eat food as close to its source as possible. Pray before you eat, for everything that you take, whether plant or animal, is living. You must consume to survive, but when you die, acknowledge that you will become food for others.

      To build the breath, work and exercise diligently. Build stamina and discipline yourself. You will gain great flexibility combined with the hardened flesh, and you ill be graceful. Immunity to minor physical traumas as well as many kinds of illness will be yours.

      The ultimate training of the spirit begins with the question of death. The sages see beyond dying. Though they must die, they also know that nothing is lost because no one owns body or mind anyway. Those who follow Tao safeguard themselves and live their spirituality with a realistic appreciation of death. The establishment of essence, breath, and spirit is like warning armor; the travails of the world mean nothing.

      by Deng Ming-Dao
      from the book 365 Tao
      Daily Meditations
      ISBN 0-06--250223-9
      lisbeth west      
      “Colorado Columbine is    
      Not Just a School Tragedy”


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      When people no longer fear authority
      a greater authority will appear
      don't restrict where people dwell
      don't repress how people live
      if they aren't repressed
      they won't protest
      thus the sage knows herself
      but doesn't reveal herself
      she loves herself
      but doesn't exalt herself
      thus she picks this over that
      Dao de Jing # 72
      translated by Red Pine
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