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867Help requested US Army camouflage during Cold War period

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  • sabbi12000
    Feb 2, 2010
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      Hello Guys,

      my name is Bernd Glanz, I'm German and I live near Illesheim/Ansbach where
      currently the 12th CAB is stationed.

      My friend an I, we are currently working on a projekt - the US Army camouflage
      on combat vehicles during the Cold War.

      We already got some pics and an Army Manual, but we are looking for soldiers who
      were in service during the period ca. 1974 until 1986.

      If there is someone out there who can help with the early MERDC camouflage,
      please feel free to contact me.

      What we didn't know yet is if there was an Army TM or FM for these two
      camouflage patterns - Masster and Dual Tex, which were used only?! by 7th US
      Army and 2nd Armored Cav.

      Maybe you know some people or can help us in other ways - all help is welcome.

      If anyone would like to know something about US posts in Germany, my help is
      offered. For all who don't know Usarmygermany, please visit and help Walter with
      his outstanding work :


      Our own homepage is


      and we collect all kind of military items, refugees and so on which were used in
      our area from 1870 until now, when we have a friendship with 12th CAB in

      Maybe you want to have a look at our homepage, just to make sure thats not only
      a kind of picture collecting.

      Best regards from Germany and god bless you all!

      Bernd Glanz
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