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853Re: [Tank Crewman] Re: The M-47

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  • Herbert Flavell
    Aug 15, 2007
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      My memory says that the M-47s in 56 were dark green OD. We also had dark green duct (Duck)tape to repair electronics and stop leaks. I think I may still have the training manual for both the 47 and 48. I'll look.
      There is an M-47 at the Patton museum at Ft Knox, Ky. We saw it last year when 16 members of my family rented 2, 31 foot motorhomes for a 9 day vacation to Ft Knox to show our grandkids where their mother was born and where I and my wife spent 2 years of our lives for $91 a month.We spent about 3 hours going through the Patton Museum. What had been a town of 897 people in 58 was now populated by 22,000. That shows what a military post will do to a town. I made a screensaver of all the tank display if anyone wants a copy I will put it at 4shared.com. If one member contacts me I'll upload it there if no one contacts me I wont upload it because it takes to long unless you have broadband. Oh it has music to.
      Herb the bionic ex tanker

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