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8471/33rd Armor Reunion

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  • jjgrant@webtv.net
    May 26, 2007
      Even though the deadline for sending in the reservation fee has passed,
      I am still getting phone calls from people who want to attend the

      I talked to our rep. at the hotel and she said as long as we get them a
      final headcount within 2-3 days of the June 8-9-10 reunion, we'd be ok.

      Right now we have nearly 80 ppl who will be attending. That is a
      sizeable jump from our first reunion last year. We didn't know if we'd
      have 15 guys respond last year, so when we had about 35 show up, we were
      ecstatic. This year it more than doubled, which is great!!

      Everyone needs to be thinking about what to do about a reunion in 2008.
      We can discuss it at the buffet dinner on June 9th.

      Don't forget, the Holiday Inn is now temporarily named the Garden Hotel.
      Nothing else has changed, same phone number, etc. They have changed
      the name out front, so for those of you who did not attend last year,
      look for the Garden Hotel sign at the north-east corner of the
      intersection of I-69 & Scatterfield Rd. (State Rds. 9 & 109). Exit #26
      of I-69. NOTE: I-69 is actually running E-W, not north & south,
      thru Anderson, so don't get confused when you exit.

      Remember also, that the activities are all very casual, jeans, shorts or

      Last year, a cpl of the wives mentioned driving up to Alexandria (10 mi)
      to visit the Bill & Gloria Gaither (Bill & Gloria are very famous in
      Southern Gospel music) gift shop. If any are still interested this
      year, let us know on Fri or even Sat. morning & we'll see if we can't do

      Thanks for everyone's cooperation.

      Jack Grant & Larry Plummer
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