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  • herb1013
    Apr 23, 2007
      Hi Lance we lived in a nice silver 2 bedroom trailer on the corner Rogersville Rd and old 31W. We still kept in touch with our landlords for all these years. He was a Capt in Armor during WW2 and worked as a civilian employee at the Armor Center.It sickened me when I saw how they got rid of old 47s and 48s by dumping them in the ocean for use as a fishing reef. I could sure use one now as a plow to plow my driveway.Didn't the 60 have a 120mm main gun. The 47 & 48 only had a 90mm. From 53 to 56 I served with the USMCR as a 6412 mos
      jet and piston engine mechanic and line crew. Then in 56 Uncle sent me a greetings card. I tried to be activated with the USMC but they could not touch me once I got that greetings card. Had I been activated, I had already gone through boot camp and would have gone directly to MCAS Cherry Point. But it did do me good because I went through basic training at Ft Dix,N.J. as a PFC making $91 a day once a month instead of $72 a day once a month. After basic we lived in Radcliff on my $91 and an alotment of $91 for my wife. When we had our first daughter we got $27 a month for her. I could never understand why they took a trained jet engine mech and put me in a tank. Not that it mattered to me because I had as much fun in my tank as I had taxiing a jet or piston engine fighter plane from maintainence to the line.Something funny happened while I was at basic training. I had turned in all my USMC clothing but someone goofed. They turned me in to the draft board for not attending drills. The draft board then sent me a second draft notice. My wife took it to the draft board and as she stepped up to the desk the guy said "oh no its finnally happened we have drafted a woman". She explained that I was already in the USArmy at Ft Dix. A month later my honorable discharge from the USMC arrived.
      Herb the bionic ex tanker

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