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Re: [tancet] TANCET Math : Averages

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      This question is from the topic Averages.

      5 years back the average age of A and B was 15 years. At present the average age of A, B and C is 20 years. How old is C?
      1. 20
      2. 15
      3. 30
      4. 40
      5. 45

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      Ans for the question is no. 1 option i.e. 20

      The simplification is as follows:

      The avg age of A and B before 5 years is 15. i.e. (A+B)/2 = 15.

      Therefore, the present avrg age will be:


      Simplifying this eqn, weget

          =>       (A+B)= 40           ----(i)


      The present average age of A,B and C is 20 i.e (A+B+C)/3= 20

      Sub. eqn (i) in above eqn:  weget,

          =>       (40+C)=60

          =>       Thrfre, C= 60-40, i.e. 20years         

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