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[Commercial]Sneak Peek Into LINUX For You

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  • Niraj Sahay
    Dear Readers, To begin with apologies for posting the October 2007 Sneak Preview rather later. Now, were were we? Yes! I m sure you know that virtualisation is
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 12, 2007
      Dear Readers,

      To begin with apologies for posting the October 2007 Sneak Preview
      rather later.

      Now, were were we? Yes! I'm sure you know that virtualisation is the
      latest buzz. And therefore we've dedicated our October 2007 issue to
      detailed articles on various Free and Open Source virtualisation
      technologies to give you an idea of what's the reason behind the
      "buzz". Following are the five articles you can check out in this
      special issue:

      * A Hitchhiker's Guide to Virtualisation, where we briefly cover the
      technology and how hardware assists come into play. Then, we try and
      analyse how Xen can take advance of a virtualisation-capable processor.

      * Xen Live Migration Using iSCSI Target: Here we show you how to
      successfully migrate a live Xen virtual machine from one physical
      server to another, without interrupting any service.

      * Virtualise with Bochs and QEMU: In here we try and analyse how to
      use two easy-to-follow technologies, and have tried to avoid too much
      technical jargon - it's as simple as follow the instructions and set
      up a virtual guest OS in no time.

      * Spartan Virtualisation with Lguest: So, who's heard of Lguest? It's
      a mare 6,000 line virtualisation solution that has been integrated
      into the mainline kernel, and you can get a sneak peak once Linus
      releases keenel 2.6.23. However, since we couldn't have waited that
      long, we straight away went ahead with an RC release to give you a an
      idea of what's coming.

      * High-Speed Virtualisation with KVM-How it Works: Well, KVM was the
      first solution that was added to the mainline kernel back in the days
      of kernel 2.6.20. Here we try and find out wot's ...uh the deal with it.

      The October issue of LFY has already hit the stands! So if the concept
      of virtualisation intrigues you, then we can assure you this issue
      won't disappoint you.

      Also in this issue you'll find:

      For You and Me
      * ODF SPAT: IV's Version
      * Desktop Linux Redefined: SLED 10 SP1
      * SPACE-A Society that Promotes FOSS
      * Making Sense of the Many Caesars - An interview with the autopackage
      * All About Linux Certifications
      * OOXML: The Anti-Common Man Standard

      For Developers
      * Introduction to C++ Templates
      * Getting Familiar with RPC
      * Getting Started with the Trolltech Greenphone SDK

      For BizUsers
      * GnuCash: A Freeway to Managing Money
      * Make Screencasts for Building a Business Training Programme
      * Software as a Service is the Next Big Trend - An interview with
      Raven Zachary, research director for Open Source, 451 Group

      * IBM's Bob Sutor On OSS and Standards - An interview

      For Geeks
      * I Like Making Strong Statements - Interview with Linus Torvalds
      (Part II)
      * Multimedia Dynamite
      * KDE-enliven Your Videos
      * The Ultimate Linux Home
      * A Music-Playing Daemon Called MPD

      The LFY CDs
      LFY DVD - SLED 10 SP1: Find out what makes Novell say "Your Linux Is
      LFY CD - A collection of best-of-the-breed virtualisation software,
      plus other assorted software applications.

      Our effort is in your hands now. We hope you cherish reading the issue.


      Problems getting a copy of LFY? Feel free to reach out to our
      distributors (IBH) listed below:

      # Ahmedabad - Mr. S. K. Sharma (079-26577068, 09898121277)
      # Bangalore - Mr. Devaru Bhatt (080-22261305, 080-22252385)
      # Chennai - Ms. R. Hira (044-28592582, 28592743)
      # Hyderabad - Mr. Ramesh Rajgopal (040-27564945)
      # Kolkata - Mr. Mehta (033-22498096/97)
      # Mumbai - Mr. Indur Vaswani (022-24925651)
      # New Delhi - Mr. P. K. Das (011-23313014/15)
      # Pune - Mr. Ashok Basant (020-26131261)
      # Trivandrum - Mr. Hari Kumar (0471-2475443)

      Go to our website www.lfymag.com OR email at support@... OR
      call at 011-26810601/02/03

      Warm Regards!
      LinuxFor You Team
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