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[Commercial]LINUX For You September 2006 - Highlights

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  • Niraj Sahay
    Dear Readers, September 2006 issue of LINUX For You bundles a hugely popular distro in its DVD format - Ubuntu 6.06. Ubuntu brings with it the proven
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2006
      Dear Readers,

      September 2006 issue of LINUX For You bundles a hugely popular distro
      in its DVD format - Ubuntu 6.06. Ubuntu brings with it the proven
      stability, desktop convenience and user-friendliness.

      On the editorial front, this issue is a 'Clustering Special'. We have
      3 great articles that aim to make the complex phenomena of Clustering
      easier for you. For newbies, we have some really enlightening articles
      on Amarok music player, Google Earth Linux and the review of Elive
      Linux distro.

      The topic for CommunitySpeak this month is "What do you gain from
      participating in an open source projest that you wouldn't from a
      regular work environment?" Also, in the 'Down Memory Lane' series, we
      look at the history of the openSUSE project.

      FOR YOU & ME

      * Amarok-Let The Music Play
      * A Sneak Peek Into Google Earth Linux
      * A Sneak Peek Into Google Earth Linux
      * Opinions: How Important Is It To Have Tux In A Turban And Dhoti?
      * Freespire 1.0-A Desktop Delight
      * OpenSUSE-From Fuerth To The Future
      * Elive-An `Enlightening' Experience
      * Open Source Perils
      * GPLv3-A Heady Battle Against DRM And Patents


      * NAS Devices For Your Linux-Based Set-up
      * Enabling Enterprise Communication In The Linux Environment
      * Scale Up Your LTSP

      * Castor XML-Binding The XML
      * C, C++ And Qt Development On Linux With Eclipse IDE

      * Linux Scheduling-The Final Word
      * Getting Started With Condor
      * Clustering-Making Rocket Science Simpler
      * Nautilus-Managing Much More Than Mere Files

      * FreedomYug: Gnu Gibberish
      * BraveGNUIndia: Of Tropical Islands, Cyberspace And Web Servers

      * Reevik-A Promising Future `On The Rails'--Dibya Prakash
      Bhattacharjee, CEO-Reevik Technologies Pvt Ltd
      * Tux: UTI Bank's Trustworthy Companion

      ON LFY DVD
      * UBUNTU 6.06--Ubuntu 6.06 (codenamed `Dapper Drake'), bundles with it
      the proven Debian stability and desktop convenience, through a clear
      focus on the user and stability.

      ON LFY CD
      * Enterprise Communication Solutions: SurgeMail, Mail Server,
      QmailToaster, Courier Mail Server, JBoss E-mail Server, The Apache
      Java Enterprise Mail Server, Helios qmail, Sendmail 8.13.8, Zimbra
      Collaboration Suite, Postfix qmail, eGroupWare
      * Newbies: Comix, BORG calendar, jp2a, Inquisitor, ImageMagick, Goby
      * Developers: Gideon Designer, Crosscheck Browserless Testing
      Framework, Sahi, SoapUI, Eclipse SDK
      * Magazine Software: Amarok-Let The Music Play, Castor XML
      * Games: TORCS, GalaxyHack, Armagetron Advanced, FreeCol, Freeciv
      * Updates: Kernel, Clam AntiVirus

      Our effort is in your hands now. We hope you enjoy reading the issue.


      Problems getting a copy of LFY? Feel free to reach out to our
      distributors (IBH) listed below:

      # Ahmedabad - Mr. S. K. Sharma (079-26577068)
      # Bangalore - Mr. Devaru Bhatt (080-22261305, 080-22252385)
      # Chennai - Mr. Vijay Rengan (044-28273893)
      # Hyderabad - Mr. Ramesh Rajgopal (040-27564945, 040-27561140)
      # Kolkata - Mr. Mehta (033-22498096/97)
      # Mumbai - Mr. Indur Vaswani (022-24943707)
      # New Delhi - Mr. P. K. Das (011-23313014/15)
      # Pune - Mr. Ashok Basant (020-26131261)
      # Trivandrum - Mr. Hari Kumar (0471-2475443)

      Go to our website www.lfymag.com OR email at support@... OR
      call at 011-26810601/02/03

      Warm Regards!
      LINUX For You
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