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Re: [Talkin' About Architecture] Undergrad seriously contemplating an undergrad arch degree.

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  • edin_a_proud_nyer
    The first year is tough and for a very good reason ... it is designed to weed out the lot - to determine who is really serious and there for the long haul ...
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 31, 2002
      The first year is tough and for a very good reason ... it is designed
      to weed out the lot - to determine who is really serious and there
      for the long haul ... John will be interested to know that I did it
      as a second career after burning out in the corporate world ... As a
      single mom too ...

      Allnighters?? Imagine doing it with NO alcohol Gareth and then
      putting kids on the school bus and heading out to class ... believe
      me I cried a lot that first year and thought many times that I was
      out of my ever lovin mind ...

      YES the expenses are great ... especially if you have not drafted in
      high school ... my school did require art classes for the first
      year ... so it was an endless series of trips to the art supply store
      for me ... Add in trips to the photocopy center and blueprinter.. it
      was very expensive ... Putting together my first year portfolio at
      the end of the year for annual review cost well over 300 bucks
      alone ... And the thing is... Grants and loans from the gvt are
      exactly the same for an archi student and a history student ... there
      is no additional funding to cover those expenses ... The history
      student gets away with a couple of textbooks and notebooks
      annually ... the archi student continues all the way through school
      to run into major supply expenses ... Consequently the kids ate a lot
      of macaroni and cheese those years ...

      Drwaing??? Well the thing is some people have those skills and others
      dont ... I highly recommend the book Drawing on the Right Side of the
      Brain ... helps a lot ... Look to adult ed programs - non degree kind
      of things - often there are night art classes ... then spend a lot of
      time sketching ... take a sketch book and pencil wherever you go ...
      Sitting in Mc Donalds for lunch?? Drag out the sketchbook and sketch
      the joint ... There are several good books specifically on archi
      sketching and rendering ... check some out ... try even copying the
      pics in the books ... look at a lot of good archi and design mags ...
      try copying some of the photos ... you often see drawings and
      renderings in there too ...

      You CAN do it ... I am proof ... it is a great experience - and one
      that I think John as an older student will infact get more out of ...
      Dont know if you are in America John - but there is something called
      CLRP ... College Level Equivelency Program ... It wont help with your
      archi classes - but you may be able to take tests and get college
      credits for things like English, math, history, languages etc. - it
      can save you some money and time on the prerequisites for college ...
      personally however ... I took none ... wanted to experience
      everything in school ... loved every minute too ...

      Feel free to contact me if you need someone to talk to who has
      experienced it as a "non age appropriate student" ... Edin

      In talkinaboutarchitecture@y..., "Gareth Kempster" <gareth@k...>
      > Hi, Josh
      > There's no substitute to experiencing it for yourself. I spent two
      > on work experience with a small local Practice a couple of years
      > and that was enough to persuade me that that I could do this for the
      > rest of my life...
      > All schools are very different as there is not really any specific
      > curriculum, and most Architects/students, it seems, would favour
      > their own. I can only suggest visiting as many as you can abd talk
      to as
      > many tutors/students as possible before making the commitment.
      > I loved my first year, as everyone else on this list did, though it
      > really hard work and potentially very expensive so it isn't a
      > to be taken lightly. Personally I spent a fortune, not just on
      > materials, software, but on Pro Plus too for all those all-
      > If sketching and model-making are really your "premium unleaded"
      > I'm guessing is a good thing) then I'm sure you will sail through
      > first year as long as you can keep up with the odd bits of stuff the
      > Enginnering Faculty staff come along and throw at you, and are
      > to learn a bit about sustainability and the environment.
      > Oohh... It helps if you have a desire to read as much material as
      > possible.
      > To all: Does anyone feel they learned as much about themselves as
      > did Architecture during the early years? Since starting at Uni I
      > I've built a much clearer picture of who I am. Didn't Le Corbusier
      > Architecture was as much about building yourself... ? Or was it
      > Stirling? Lynch? Bother...
      > Have a great one. All the best,
      > Gareth
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      > Gareth Kempster
      > gareth@k...
      > http://www.kurryhouse.co.uk/
      > School of Architecture
      > University of Portsmouth
      > "Wasn't me gov'nor - I wasn't there..."
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      > Subject: [Talkin' About Architecture] Undergrad seriously
      > an undergrad arch degree.
      > My name is Josh and I go to Osu. I am currently fulfilling my
      > prerequisite math and physics classes with an eye towards
      > architecture school. I love the design process so far, as I have
      > taken intro to design arch 202. Sketching and model building and
      > creative activity are my premium unleaded in school, and yet I have
      > heard horror stories about arch undergrads who hated the career
      > and decided not to pursue a masters and a license. I would greatly
      > appreciate it if some people could tell me alittle about schools
      > the first couple of years out of..... Thanks
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