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Re: POST RESOLUTIONS: New Year's Greeting "talkinaboutarchitecture" Members & Fr

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  • W D Patterson
    What Have You Done Lately? ... PEACE NOW! Here it is: 3,000 Dead American Military. If, in the past, you have only said, what a shame, now is your chance to
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 1, 2007
      What Have You Done Lately?

      --- In talkinaboutarchitecture@yahoogroups.com, "W D Patterson"
      <retrofit_one@...> wrote:
      > Well... 's about that time again. We've survived yet another glorious
      > year. I am sure the most of us can attest the the latter, no?
      > Many have come and gone. Great thngs have been accomplished while some
      > things appear to have not changed. Rest assured...change is inevitable
      > regardless of its appearance.
      > We do live in an ever-changing world. Thanks to the "ARCHITECTS" and
      > the multitude of other professions that support and uphold them the
      > world is a much more beautiful and habitable place to live. Let's
      > strive to keep it that way together but in true harmony with eachother!
      > This is my resolution for the New Year. What is yours?
      > we'll be comparing and contrasting our accomlishments come next years
      > end. Spare no inhibitions either.
      > God Bless all and a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year to each of
      > you and your respective families and loved ones!
      > PeaceOut...
      > ~Dell
      > =your servant and honorable moderator
      > //||~~~||\\POST RESOLUTIONS: New Year's Greeting
      > "talkinaboutarchitecture" Members & Friend //||~~~||\\

      PEACE NOW!

      Here it is: 3,000 Dead American Military.

      If, in the past, you have only said, what a shame, now is your chance
      to act. Stand up for those who cannot stand up or speak out. Please
      join with other Americans of conscienceat the Green Lake Vigil to
      Commemorate Deaths in Iraq

      The number of US military deaths in Iraq has just reached 3000. To
      mark this sad moment, and to mourn the loss of hundreds of thousands
      of people killed in Iraq since the US invasion (far more than a
      million since the war started in 1991), please join us in a candle
      light vigil at 6:30-8:00 pm, Monday, Jan. 1st, on the south shore of
      Green Lake ( Green Lake Way and N 64th st).

      Even on New Years? Especially on New Years. For the people of Iraq,
      and for our troops--most of both groups want the US to withdraw its
      forces. And, of course, for ourselves and our community, to help turn
      America to a foreign policy of real security through international
      cooperation and human rights.

      Because the date of this vigil was unknown until now, we need your
      help to get the word out to people. Please forward this email, mention
      the vigil to friends, and invite a neighbor.

      The vigil is sponsored by Peace Action of WA, Military Families Speak
      Out, Veterans for Peace Ch. 92, AFSC, FOR, and the SNOW Coalition.

      In addition to the vigil at Green Lake, there will also be a Die-In at
      Westlake Park, 4-5pm.

      yours in peace,

      Fred Miller


      Peace Action of WA

      206 789-6863

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