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Nidos meno centras ieško vadovo

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Dėkoju savo broliui Jonui (menininkui: http://www.kulikauskas.com) už žinią, kad Nidos meno centras ieško vadovo. Geras atlyginimas, kiek supratau, 1,000
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 13, 2010
      Dėkoju savo broliui Jonui (menininkui: http://www.kulikauskas.com) už
      žinią, kad Nidos meno centras ieško vadovo. Geras atlyginimas, kiek
      supratau, 1,000 EUR į mėnesį už 1/4 etato. Galvoju rašyti paraišką.
      Reikia siūlyti keturių metų veiklą. Aš plėtočiau "dvylika klausimų" ir
      jų atsakymų vaizdavimą menais, http://www.12questions.org, pasaulio
      "vaizdinio mąstymo" pirmūnų įtraukimą (bendrauju su John Caswell, Dave
      Gray, Robert Horn, o ypač John Caswell http://www.grouppartnerswiki.net
      veda strateginius seminarus su stambiausių bendrovių vadovais, jie
      galėtų vykti Nidoje), taip pat plėtočiau ryšius su Užupiu, jų
      nameliukais ir su visu pasauliu per "Minčių sodą" ir ne vien.

      Jei kas turite minčių ar palaikytumėte mane, atsiliepkite ir paminėsiu
      savo paraiškoje! O jeigu laimėčiau, tai atsivertų daug galimybių


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minčių sodas
      +370 699 30003

      Jonas Kulikauskas wrote:
      > March 27, 2010 - 12:26pm — AMP <http://pluginamp.com/network/user/1>
      > Full-time position open: Director of the Nida Art Colony
      > Deadline: 3 May 2010
      > Vilnius Academy of Arts
      > Maironio g. 6
      > 01124 Vilnius
      > Lithuania
      > Phone: +370 616 55307
      > Fax: +370 5 2105444
      > daina.urbanaviciene@... <mailto:daina.urbanaviciene@...>
      > http://www.vda.lt <http://www.vda.lt/>
      > The Nida Art Colony or NAC is a new subdivision of the Vilnius Academy
      > of Arts located in Nida, Neringa. Its objective is to create
      > favourable conditions for the implementation of innovations in art
      > education and creative art practices by promoting international
      > cooperation. The NAC will run an artist-in-residence programme,
      > organise workshops, exhibitions and conferences. The NAC starts its
      > activities in February 2011.
      > For more information on the NAC see http://www.vda.lt/EN/Nida Art Colony.
      > The Vilnius Academy of Arts opens a position of the Director of the
      > Nida Art Colony.
      > We offer:
      > Salary Scale: Eur 12 178 – 14 611 per year (subject to change
      > according to the wage regulations for state institutions), plus
      > project administration remunerations.
      > Hours of Work: Such hours as necessary to carry out your duties. You
      > should count on spending at least ¼ of your hours of work at the NAC.
      > Office Base: Nida Art Colony (Neringa) and the Vilnius Academy of Arts
      > (Vilnius).
      > Responsible to: Rector and Senate of the Vilnius Academy of Arts.
      > Contract Status: Position to be filled from 2 January 2011 for a fixed
      > term of four years up to 2 January 2015.
      > • To develop and deliver relevant art and education programmes at the NAC.
      > • To promote innovations in art education, creative contemporary art
      > practices and international cooperation.
      > • To promote the NAC programmes and activities to the target audiences
      > in Lithuania and abroad.
      > • To cooperate with the Vilnius Academy of Arts and to submit annual
      > reports of the NAC activities to the Academy.
      > • To take responsibility for all activities of the NAC.
      > • To submit annual NAC activity plans to the NAC Board for approval
      > and to take the NAC Board decisions into account.
      > • To take responsibility for fundraising and financial sustainability
      > of the NAC.
      > • To recruit and manage the staff of the NAC.
      > • Managerial merits and competences: the candidate is required to have
      > at least three years of experience in international education and art
      > project management
      > • Fluency in written and spoken English
      > • Good communication and interpersonal skills
      > • University degree in social science, humanities or arts.
      > • Previous successful experience in running a similar education and
      > art centre or an artist-in-residency programme
      > • Familiarity with Lithuanian cultural and educational environment
      > • Competence in the Lithuanian language (for foreign nationals only)
      > • Other languages (French, German, Spanish, Russian)
      > • Motivation letter
      > • Curriculum vitae
      > • Vision of a four year (2011-2014) NAC activity plan (activities must
      > be relevant to the NAC objectives)
      > • List of the most important recently administered education and art
      > projects (up to 5 projects,
      > including title, time, location, total budget, sources of funding,
      > number of administrative staff, responsibilities of the candidate)
      > • Other relevant information
      > The application should be in English or Lithuanian.
      > Address for applications: Vilnius Academy of Arts, Project Management
      > Office, room 202, Maironio 6, 01124 Vilnius, Lithuania or
      > daina.urbanaviciene@... <mailto:daina.urbanaviciene@...> (please
      > write „Application: the NAC director' in the subject line).
      > The application must reach the Academy no later than 3 May 2010 at
      > 4.00 pm Lithuanian time (GMT+2). If you chose to mail the application
      > by regular post, please, make sure it will reach the Academy before
      > the deadline.
      > Telephone, Skype or (preferably) face-to-face interviews are expected
      > to be held the week commencing 10th or 17th May 2010.
      > For further information please contact the Head of the Project
      > Management Office Daina Urbanavičienė (mrs) at
      > daina.urbanaviciene@... <mailto:daina.urbanaviciene@...>, cell
      > phone +370 616 55307.
      > from e-artnow
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