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Antradienį padėkime Kenijos taikdariam s

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Jau aðtunta savaitë, kaip Minèiø sodas padeda Kenijos ðviesuoliams raminti smurtaujanèius. Subûrëme taikos piramidæ kurioje dalyvauja ðimtas
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 25, 2008
      Jau aštunta savaitė, kaip "Minčių sodas" padeda Kenijos šviesuoliams
      raminti smurtaujančius. Subūrėme "taikos piramidę" kurioje dalyvauja
      šimtas taikdarių ir koks tūkstantis savanorių, surinkome ir išdalinome
      50,000 litų paramos, kuri pasiekė bene 10,000 žmonių. Mūsų taikdariai
      išlaisvino plentus kuriais keliauja tūkstančiai žmonių ir vežama
      milijonų litų vertės maisto, vaistų ir prekių.

      Kovo 6tą dieną supažindinsiu Lina Antanavičiene su mūsų veikla. Jinai
      vadovauja Lietuvos užsienio politikai Amerikoje, Afrikoje ir Azijoje.

      Aš ir mūsų Kenijos šviesuoliai esame susirūpinę, kad trečiadienį
      rengiamos demonstracijos gali sukurstyti daugiau smurto. Tad antradienį
      kviečiame visus palaikyti ir padrąsinti taikdarius, atkreipti dėmesį į
      jų pastangas ir žygius.

      Lietuviai, užsukime į mūsų pasišnekėjimo svetainę
      http://www.worknets.org/chat/ ir išmokime juo naudotis. Tomas Čepaitis
      iš pat ryto 9:00 o paskui ir aš būsiu. Pamokysime taip pat naudotis
      mūsų wiki http://www.ms.lt/lt/ Tuo pačiu pradėsime ruoštis COMMUNIA
      sąskrydžiui kuris bus kovo 31 dieną.

      Pridedu kvietimą į talką, anglų kalba, ir taip pat paraišką kurią
      šiandien įteikiau. Ačiū Zigmui ir Audronei už galimybe veiklą vystyti
      iš Eičiūnų!

      Andrius Kulikauskas, Minčių sodas, http://www.ms.lt, ms@..., +370 699


      Kenyans and Internetizens,

      We are concerned that demonstrations scheduled for Wednesday may spark
      new violence.

      Tuesday, February 26, 2008 please join us and act now to practice
      nonviolence. With your help we can organize 1,000 small gatherings
      where we all have a chance to say what we can do to make peace and love
      our enemy.
      Let us work together. Ask for help and offer help!

      * Speak frankly with your friends how you might work together for peace.
      * Call a Coordinator. Share your news and stay in touch so we can help
      * Wear white armbands to show that you are part of our Pyramid of Peace.

      Join us online at our chat room on Tuesday or anytime:
      http://www.worknets.org/chat/ Join any one of our email groups. We
      need help to spread the news of the many peace actions. We want stories
      and images of peace to win our hearts. Link to our efforts at
      http://www.worknets.org/wiki.cgi?HelpKenyans We accept donations at

      Please alert us to Kenyan peacemakers!
      Thank you for your work for peace.

      Andrius Kulikauskas, Global Coordinator
      ms@..., +370 699 30003, Vilnius, Lithuania
      Dennis Kimambo, Kenya Coordinator
      kimambodenis@..., +254 722 388 275, Nakuru, Kenya

      Rapid Coordination of Independent Peacemakers

      Vš.Į. “Eičiūnų kaimo vaikų ir jaunimo užimtumo centras” (EKVJUC) is a
      non-profit enterprise registered in 2002 in Alytus, Lithuania. EKVJUC is
      an innovation laboratory for the global village. EKVJUC fosters youth
      development. A major project is the village Internet video portal
      http://www.kaimotv.lt Director Audronė Anušauskienė, ekvjuc@...,
      +370 315 41210, is a leader of Lithuania's grassroots movement for
      sobriety. The EKVJUC center in the village of Eičiūnai is the new
      headquarters for the “Minčių sodas” laboratory.

      Andrius Kulikauskas, ms@..., +370 699 30003, will serve as Project
      Leader. Andrius is sole proprietor of A.Kulikausko įmonė “Minčių sodas”,
      registered in 1998 in Vilnius, Lithuania. “Minčių sodas” is a worldwide
      laboratory for serving and organizing independent thinkers.
      http://www.ms.lt In 2008, in response to the post-election turmoil in
      Kenya, participants organized the Pyramid of Peace, which distributed
      resources and coordinated operations for 100 peacemakers and 1000

      Rachel Wambui Kungu, rachel.kungu@..., +254 721 626 389, of
      Voluntary Youth Philanthropists will serve as Kenya Coordinator. Rachel
      served as Coordinator-of-Operations for the Pyramid of Peace. She led a
      team of peacemakers which on January 30, 2008 engaged the youth of
      Naivasha who then agreed to open the key road between Nairobi and
      Nakuru, allowing the passage of thousands of displaced persons and
      millions of euros of food, medicine and other goods. Rachel is a
      seasoned peacemaker who has led several Peace Caravans in which 25
      people trek 1000 kilometers through Kenya by camel and truck to bring
      people together to lay the foundations for peace.

      It has been said that 1000 peacemakers would have been enough to prevent
      the ethnic strife at the break up of Yugoslavia. Pyramid of Peace
      http://www.pyramidofpeace.net is an effort on a similar scale with
      operations in some thirty locations and peacemakers from all the major
      tribes. The purpose of this proposal is to maintain such a capacity and
      reproduce it around the world to address the root causes of genocide and

      Pyramid of Peace is fantastic in its rapid organization of direct
      support for individual peacemakers who wish to embrace the enemy. The
      first operations took place on the morning of January 2, 2008 when
      Andrius sent funds to Davis Weddi in Uganda and Kiyavilo Msekwa in
      Tanzania to contact travelers and refugees and overcome the media
      blackout. Then the online supporters used email groups, wiki pages and a
      chat room to organize the incoming information by location and make it
      available for bloggers and journalists. On January 3, they received an
      email from Jackton Arija in the countryside that his family had no food,
      they were “putting some remaining sugar on hot water for the kids”. The
      banks were closed, the streets and roads unsafe. Andrius called
      community theater activist Dennis Kimambo in Nakuru, which was calm,
      indeed Dennis was organizing peace meetings. They realized that Dennis
      could pick up money, purchase cell phone airtime, and distribute the
      prepaid minutes across Kenya thanks to its advanced phone system, which
      could then be bartered for food, medicine and transport. Public Radio
      International reported on this use of airtime a an emegency community
      currency. Online supporters also made phone calls which provided
      invaluable moral support, for example, to Kennedy Owino in the Nairobi
      slums when gangs threatened to burn down his home. Unshaken, the next
      morning Kennedy Owino and the Nafsi Afrika Acrobats came together and
      resolved to build human pyramids with acrobats from different tribes,
      enemies embracing enemies. This is the image of the Pyramid of Peace and
      the origin of the name.

      On January 6, Kenya was growing calm, and yet there were reports of
      impending food shortages. Andrius deduced that road blocks by the
      Kalenjin youth might spark a new cycle of violence. He mobilized the
      Pyramid of Peace to share airtime with Kalenjin peacemakers willing to
      publicly post their telephone numbers and reach out to engage the youth.
      The Pyramid of Peace grew so strong that a pyramid was built in the
      center of Eldoret and a radio program was provided. Over the next eight
      weeks, 5 activists and some 50 supporters contributed about 18,000 euros
      through the Pyramid of Peace and a similar amount directly to participants.

      This proposal is to maintain the Pyramid of Peace's capacity to respond
      and avail that to peacemakers around the world. The success depends on
      several circumstances:
      * A culture supportive of independent thinkers. “Minčių sodas” makes
      evident an individual's self-accountability with questions such as What
      is your deepest value? What is a question that you don't know the answer
      to, but wish to answer? What would you like to achieve?
      * A practical approach to “Love your enemy”. Andrius engaged gangs in
      Chicago and learned to “Look at everything from their point of view”.
      Seven principles make this practical: Be straightforward, be thorough
      (take many small risks, don't skip steps), be vulnerable, let them win,
      let them teach you, stick to your principles, have something to share.
      * A worldwide support team (including North America, Western and Eastern
      Europe, Africa) is available to help by email, phone, wiki, chat and
      even audio and video.
      * Peacemakers who are computer literate and effective writers. It is
      important to make the best of marginal Internet access which is often
      available in rural areas through the mobile phone system.
      * A focus on the bigger picture that allows peacemakers to explore and
      advance their personal interests as a positive reality that pulls
      together local and global supporters.
      * An infrastructure for sharing resources. Kenya is blessed with a
      mobile phone system that allows customers to send each other phone credits.
      * A spectrum of challenges. Kenya will for some time offer peacemakers a
      wide range of challenges on which to practice, from assisting displaced
      persons to approaching idle youth to engaging urban and rural youth
      gangs, tribal militias and the security police.

      This proposal asks for the funds that would keep such a capacity alive
      for several years so that it might become widespread:
      * 4000 EUR per year for Rachel Wambui Kungu, Kenya Coordinator to train
      Kenyan peacemakers the practice of “love your enemy” so they might think
      beyond their own community and train other peacemakers.
      * 1500 EUR per year for six peacemakers to have 250 EUR of funds to lead
      a mission and develop their peacemaking skills.
      * 1500 EUR per year for six peacemakers to purchase 250 EUR of ICT
      equipment (such as mobile phones, digital cameras, video cameras) and
      Internet services for participating in a global network.
      * 2000 EUR per year for online assistants to help peacemakers by email,
      wiki, chat, phone, to edit text, audio and video, to train them in these
      skills, and to interest bloggers and the media.
      * 6000 EUR per year for Andrius Kulikauskas, Project Leader, to develop
      a handbook by which individuals might grow as independent thinkers, act
      as peacemakers and flourish alongside others; to develop the online
      interface; to coach the peacemakers as independent thinkers; to include
      them in an effort to foster a culture of independent thinkers; to help
      others around the world who are averting genocide and terracide.

      This proposal asks for support for this basic capacity. It lays a
      foundation for response to any future troubles in Kenya but also around
      the world. Peacemakers are welcome to come to Kenya and train with
      Rachel. The peacemaker's missions provide the groundwork for peace
      caravans in Kenya. The online team at the chat room
      http://www.worknets.org/chat/ , the email groups
      http://www.ms.lt/news.php and the wiki http://www.worknets.org are ready
      to respond to any emergency around the world, which might be genocide,
      pandemic flu, market calamities, or simply the challenges of every day

      Coordinators in Kenya

      Eldoret: Kenneth Chelimo +254 722 809 690
      Wesley Chirchir Chebii +254 722 992 107
      Homa Bay: Jackton Arija +254 724 167 280
      Kericho: Charles Kilel +254 727 281 419
      Kisumu: Tom Ochuka +254 712 929 029
      Kuresoi: Rono Richards +254 723 732 617
      Maragoli: Patrick Bunyali Kamoyani +254 721 612 607
      Mbita: Dan Otedo +254 720 366 094
      Molo: Lawrence Achami +254 720 613 379
      Mombasa: Alice Wathika +254 721 849 019
      Muhoroni: Ronald Omondi +254 722 480 811
      Nairobi: Rachel Wambui Kungu http://www.peace-caravan.org +254 721 626 389
      David Mutua davenzainga@... +254 720 462 559
      Robert Muturi +254 722 555 302
      Perpetua Warutere +254 720 737 693
      Kennedy Owino http://www.nafsiafrika.org nafsiafricaacro@...
      (temporary: +254 711 835 309)
      Naivasha: Ciru +254 721 332 528
      Nakuru: Ron Odhiambo +254 722 240 088
      Collins Odour +254 721 637 457
      Dennis Kimambo http://www.repacted.org kimambodenis@... +254
      722 388 275
      Nandi Hills: Emmanuel Were +254 721 938 340
      Sotik: Edwine Nyandisi +254 722 587 836
      and more at http://www.worknets.org/wiki.cgi?HelpKenyans
      Send us cellphone airtime at http://www.mamamikes.com

      Online Working Group Leaders

      Sign up for any of our working groups:

      Janet Feldman http://groups.yahoo.com/group/holistichelping/
      Pamela McLean http://groups.yahoo.com/group/learningfromeachother/
      Eluned Hurn http://groups.yahoo.com/group/fightingpeacefully/
      Kennedy Owino http://groups.yahoo.com/group/nafsiafrikasaana/
      Fred Kayiwa http://groups.yahoo.com/group/onereachinganother/
      Kiyvailo Msekwa http://groups.yahoo.com/group/learnhowtolearn/
      Franz Nahrada http://groups.yahoo.com/group/globalvillages/
      John Rogers http://groups.yahoo.com/group/cyfranogi/
      Samwel Kongere http://groups.yahoo.com/group/mendenyo/
      David Mutua http://groups.yahoo.com/group/vsojitoleervs/
      Rachel Wambui Kungu http://groups.yahoo.com/group/voiceful/
      Josephat Ndibalema http://groups.yahoo.com/group/hakielimurafiki/
      God http://groups.yahoo.com/group/lovinggod/
      and more at http://www.ms.lt/news.php

      For example, send a blank message to
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