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Kissing the feet of the goddess

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  • janedummor
    I just posted a fresh post on my blog... http://kriptodanny.blogspot.com/2009/01/issues-surrounding-talking-about.html#links ,,*note*..interesting stuff this
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 5, 2009
      I just posted a fresh post on my blog...
      ,,*note*..interesting stuff this guy says,,If the teacher who claims
      enlightenment is basically into their own enlightenment, this usually
      is pretty obvious. This will tend to attract the most religious and
      least empowered practitioners who are looking for the
      guru/daddy/mommy/divine presence and usually repulses everyone else as
      they realize that these people are being treated like foolish

      However,Shri Mataji said ,,you are your own guru,,.
      This don't explain why sahaja yoga has become a cult of personality of
      ,,Mother,,..but maybe the future generations reading this blog will
      solve this mistery...or maybe is the old indian conditioning of
      kissing the feet of the god,while refusing to become the god?..whom
      Amazing that while you are your own guru,you must pay the guru
      darshina(zer tribute,like a slave you are) and also get married by
      others(since you are your own guru)..also send your kids away to
      sahaja yoga schools in some remote country(since you are your own master)
      Get divorced if her feet say so(because you are your own master)
      Don't eat cheese,because it's rotten milk(but the sour milk is good)
      Don't eat potatoes,because they are stupid vegetables.
      Don't eat tomatoes because they will be extinct.
      Love Bush,because he is the fighter of freedom(while all he wanted was
      to get the oil..)
      Love Stalin,he was the greatest!..great deeds he has done,by killing
      25 millions of his own in the gulags,after he had won the war.
      Hate jews,they deserved to be burned,they asked for the Hitler.
      Hate french,they are all drunks,they invented the evil wine.
      Love indians,they are all special and innocent genes,superiour...they
      never think about sex.No aids In India,they are all walking innocents.
      Hate the pope,he is the antichrist.
      Hate the Dalai Lama,he always asks for money.
      Hate Osho,I was groveling at his feet one time..now I changed my mind.

      Hate everybody!...any guru alive is FAKE!!..

      The western civilation is worthless..the indian one is the greatest.
      Don't worry what I say,I am the mahamaya...you can never be like me.
      I never meditated,I was born a goddess,then kiss my feet,and massage
      them every now and then,since I am too fat to do it myself,since I
      can't reach them.
      But you meditate 10 minutes a day,and you'll be saved.
      By my fire you'll be saved,if you don't obey,that's it..now give me
      those schizofrenia pills those western,evil doctors gave me.I need
      them,otherwise I'll start eating alot again...may the skinny CP never
      meditate on the cheese-sandwich I crave..he is toast if he does.I
      shall use my fresh kissed toes powers to grab the sandwich.

      love,danny(with kisses)
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