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Re: [talk-about-sy] Sir CP has cancer

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  • miguel de castro henriques
    ... Yes, all that, and more: a type of hypnotic suggestion, complete with calming, enjoyable Indian music, incense, low-protein meals, lack of sleep due to
    Message 1 of 8 , Mar 2, 2008

      > --- In talk-about-sahaja- yoga@yahoogroups .com, miguel de castro henriques migcah2003@ wrote:
      > Indeed. They have to overload emotionally every and each time there is some health problem with the regency, and make it sound like a raging cosmic drama. Actually it's not even comic, just pathetic.
      > This kind of emotional overloading of the follwers with the private dramas and oh so typical figths of succession has a name: emotional blackmail. Typical cult resource.
      Yes, all that, and more: a type of hypnotic suggestion, complete with calming, enjoyable Indian music, incense, low-protein meals, lack of sleep due to
      round-the-clock Sahaj duties...low resistance.  So putting on a show, in Dramatic Theatrical Fashion, gives the weary and worn-down something to focus on, without really having to think.  Entertainment for the zombified.

      watching Obama's and Hillary's rallies and speeches one can not escape the impression that the audience behaviour has many similarities with cult phenomenology, minus the low protein diet and incense.

      > It's really just a couple of old swindlers breaking down and falling apart--one physically, the other both physically and mentally.
      > The Axis of Evil attacks everywhere! Mind. Watch. Be on your guard.
      On guard, with wallet open.

      > But no worries. There are daughters. And grandkids. All can inherit a role in the great Saha-llywood Creation.
      > The great creation is this Saha - IIywood concept! Perfect.
      It's cheap entertainment, until it's the only entertainment you're allowed.  Then it gets a bit expensive.  Sahaja Yogis will say otherwise.  They have to.  Even as they write out another check to the cause, they push back doubts about the way the money's being spent.  But doubts, they are told, are negative forces: bhoots, ready to invade their purifying chakras. 
      Wow.  I used to believe that stuff.

      > Any schmoe off the street can have a part, too, if they like. Free. No money is ever taken (exceptforpujadaksh inaprojectsinind iagiftsforthegod dessandandalotta otherstuff)

      > The more actors the biggest the drama. Meanwhile Mataji, who is psychotic chose as Her instrument Papaji who developed a cancer. Now there is need for a third Saviour. One of the daughters? Mrs. Kalpana, the next to save the great experience from the claws of Evil? From the PRECIPICE?
      > I guess MR.PRECIPICE (as the Opposition Leader) has a great future if future SY proclamations.
      I guess it's a way to earn a living in your senior years, without having to exert much effort.  Playing the role of Great Savior of Somesort allows one to wear magnificent costumes, eat sumptuous meals, stay in first-class digs, and be driven from town to city to backwater, worshipped everywhere one goes.  Unfortunately, in one's late senior years, one will have to be exposed as a fraud.  But at that point, one will be so senile, it won't register.  Ignorance is bliss. 
      Hrmph.  I think I'll stick with Plan B: retire from a job I enjoy, live off what income I can muster, and settle into a life of doing as I see fit.  Making my own rules.    :P
      > >
      > > (Guido, is the force of evil)
      > >
      > He must be. While I've never had the pleasure of meeting Mr. FOE, I had heard that it's important that if a yogini ever is lucky enough to prepare FOE's pasta, she should remeber NOT to break the spaghetti in half before dropping it into the boiling water. Now I ask you: if that isn't irrefutable evidence that Guido is a Force of Evil, then what's this world coming to?

      > Well it's insane to break the spaghetti :)))
      Perhaps.  But it's a great frustration outlet. 
      Never thought about that Spaghetti.Therapy: )) might work.
      Better to have broken spaghetti than a broken head.
      Excpet if you believe spaghetti is the heart of nourishmewnt and the great Italian Kitchen Deva
      Not that I'm the violent type, but there's always the possibility.
      Pacific people when they explode may be a shmag more lethal  than anyone else :)))

      Sahaja Yogis would never admit they have the potential to be violent--unless it was defending "their mother."  :-/
      Neither admit having the potential for becoming intelligent and critical
      > Intact pasta, if FOEs have their way.
      > I vote in intact pasta!
      With vino!
      And beer and...
      > > But for the first time, this attempt completely failed. Why is that? Because you, Papaji, chose to step between Sahaja Yoga and the precipice.
      > The precipice! Lordy! Where's a light saber when you need one?
      > This is a suburban-suburban metaphor (even treble suburban). The avid mouth of the precipice, infested with bhoots, that already had begin to gnaw the Great Experiment. All sorts of vicious devils with their teeth already set in Mataji's collection of saris. But then the Greateast Spiritual Rambo of all times sweeps them off!
      Miguel, you really should paint, with PAINTS, I mean, that scene you just described.  Report back to me when you've finished the painting.  I want to see it.   I may even want to buy it.  It'd look pretty cool on the masonry wall that soars above the fireplace that divides my family  room and living room.  And with a fire burning below--somehow appropriate.
      To make it more realist I'd need to have the photos of the devils - some of us . gnawing the sari, making shrieky eerie noises. Though I doubt that I'd love to taste sari especially matajona's sari.

      > >
      > > (Papaji: the Saviour of the Saviour)
      > They say the savior's saber's rather puny. (not really...I just wanted to see that sentence would look once I typed it. It looks pretty cool.)
      > >
      > It's rather puny indeed. Though I don't know what that means, but sounds fine.
      Puny as in tiny, short, teeny weeny, not well endowed.  Got it?
      Yellow polka dot puny petit shorty tiny ding ding. Guess I got it.
      > > You were Shri Mataji's chosen instrument to thwart the forces of ignorance.
      > Thwart? Thwart the forces of ignorance?
      > Who talks like this? It's bad dialogue.
      > They did not study rhetorics. Looks like the Korean Dictator's narrative stuff.
      > If these guys wanted credibility they should hire a proper communicator
      I'll do it!  Pay me!   I think I'd enjoy it.  And I would be Very Professional about it. 
      Have no doubt!
      After all, I speak from experience.  And I pay writers to write by the line, so that's what I'd charge: per line.   Plus, I'm fast.  Only one thing: I won't lie.  And I'll know when you are lying.  Beyond that, I think we can work together, SY-in-need-of- a-proper- communicator.
      Present yourself at the headquarters tomorrow at 9 pm. You got the job!

      > But it's real! In a morbid way, it's fascinating. Like a language regression back to the dramatic times of castles, moats, steaming bogs, mead and grog. It's fun to live in a fantasy. It lends an unearned importance to an unexplored life.
      > The thwarting presupposes the gigantization. A Giant Papaji is what it was needed. The Tower of Righteousness.
      Sorry, he suffers from Puny.  Even inflation can't enlarge him.
      > Hark! What role playeth you, Miguel? Methinks it is the Jester. The bawdy Jester.
      > No I'm too twharted for that. I play the Fugitive French Cheese. A very inconvenient and smelly guy that appears and disappears at Puja Lunch Time inconvieniencing Half Cut Pasta and Full Pasta Foes.
      I read this comment hours ago, but didn't have time to comment, then.  But, at the time, I did laugh out loud.  Now I'm back with time to comment, and reading it again, I still laughed out loud.  Really.  The twharted got to me, twice now.  Warped, no?
      But, yes, Fugitive French Cheese suits you well.  Carry on with it, then.
      Can even eat some morsels of myself if hungry during the process

      > Guido's already got the role of FOE all sewn up, so I guess I'll have to be...hmmmmm. ...what? Jezebel? The Wife of Bath? Bathsheba?
      > The Wife of bath? LOL what's that?
      C'mon...I know you've read the Canturbury Tales.  I had to read it in high school.  Oddly, I enjoyed it--and the  Wife of Bath's tale is fascinating.  Especially when you consider when it was written: 14th century.  The woman had balls.  (I mean that in a good way and regret if I shocked any tender Sahaj eyes with my temerity)
      No. Pardon my insuficient preparation. At school the main language, apart from Portuguese was la langue de Molière. We had 5 years of french, only 3 of english. So the Canterbury tales . medieval english, was out of our reach (even to our teacher). The best we did, shyly and tentatively, was to read one of the easiest Shakespeare's works. Even so with an artillery of dictionaries at hand, and snail speed. Guess we did not gor very far from the Prologue of Twelveth Night

      There is a lot of interesting stuff on the Web about the Wife of Bath.  Including this: By challenging the value of virginity, the Wife of Bath, calls into question both secular and religious ideals of women. The most powerful image of woman in the Middle Ages, one who embodied all the occulted misogyny that the idealization of virginity entailed was of course the Virgin Mary.
      I became interested in the Wife of Bath!

       > >
      > > Mayamayamaya. Anything that makes no sense is maya. As in: god works in mysterious ways. Our human brains are not evolved enough, even when "enlightened, " to know the ways of the maya. But if we do this and donate that, we might have a glimpse at the glory of it all. Might.
      > Might not.
      > Gosh. This guys have toned down mystery. Gulp. I had to rebuild my sense of mystery - which I like - after the Great Spagehtti Yoga-
      I prefer Hitchcock for a good mystery.
      That guy is amazing. Even looking at his photo I got chills.

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