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  • Gyan
    All so true, Miguel, as we have found from our experiences as members of this {and the previous, hijacked} forum. The modus operandi of one of Mrs S s most
    Message 1 of 9 , Feb 3, 2008
      All so true, Miguel, as we have found from our experiences as members
      of this {and the previous, hijacked} forum.

      The modus operandi of one of Mrs S's most devoted disciples was to
      denigrate and vilify me {all based on the false ID of a gay suicidal
      ex-SY they pinned on me} - paying no attention to the fact that my
      communications were extremely lucid. She even alluded to my "grave" -
      intimating that I wouldn't live long. {This was also done to Simon
      when a silly woman kept popping her head into this corner of
      cyberspace expecting to find that he wasn't among the living.}

      Thus is the moral bankruptcy of those who are brainwashed.

      Of course Sattwa's obsessed and tunnel visioned brain failed to take
      on board the fact that people who are chronically suicidal, mad, or
      whatever it is they claimed JG is/was {we still don't know how much of
      it is true as none of us has ever met the woman} would find it rather
      difficult to maintain succinct communication on yahoo forums, let
      alone cleverly disguise a serious mental illness.

      Under normal circumstances I would have empathy with someone who has
      schizophrenia and diabetes. Neither illness is particularly pleasant.

      But oh, how ironic it is that the guru they still worship exhibits ALL
      of the signs of her physical and mental illnesses, whereas I exhibit NONE.


      --- In talk-about-sahaja-yoga@yahoogroups.com, miguel de castro
      henriques <migcah2003@...> wrote:
      > For cult followers of ANY cult anyone who dares criticise their cult
      must be:
      > a liar
      > a devil (In SY: bhootish) ************
      > a negative person
      > a corrupt
      > a drunk
      > an uniformed
      > a lunatic
      > someone working for the "Ennemy"
      > Filthy
      > Cultish personality is a strongly polarized personality, of the type
      "Us against them". Or rather " We better avoid them because they are
      > We (the cult members) are
      > Elect
      > Saints
      > Connected ( to the Universe, God, Nature, Mao Tsé Toung, the Flag
      and the Country, whatever)
      > A New Family
      > A New Race ( particularly SY claims its members are a New Race)
      > Realized
      > Enlightened (or set in the "only" way towards "Enlightenment")
      > Predestined
      > Prophets
      > Saviours
      > etc. etc.
      > For those naive enough to have swallowed all the narcisical goodies
      and new spiritual social status a cult offer it wil be painful at
      first to realize that the carpet at any instant may be taken out of
      their feet
      > From Superman and Superwoman, from Elect and Connected Great people,
      they'll have to realize that they are what we all are: ordinary
      people, with the same kind of skeleton and burps, and headaches and
      joys. Schocking at first. But the starting foundation to reality and
      yes to realization - not to Self- Divinization.
      > ********* It is always worth remembering that Mataji said that any
      person having diabetes is "bhootish".
      > And she HAS diabetes.
      > Mataji also said that mental diseases are caused by "bhoots" .
      > And she is being treated with risperidone for a mental disease who
      in the words of her own husband causes her to see snakes and robbers
      where there are none.
      > And BTW, courtesy to Sharmila who loves Beethoven (me too): Mataji
      hates Beethoven and thinks Rock'n Roll is bhootish and very bad fot
      the muladhara.
      > it's only rock'n roll but I like it, as said the great Mick Jagger -
      another guy hated by Mataji. Elvis too is tabooed in SY. Despisingly
      they say "he's to much into the lovey-lovey stuff." So Sneered,
      Proscribed, Dis connected Elvis is bhootish! as much as Madonna for
      SYs, except some new ones or peripherical ones.
      > It is a Useful exercise to search for who are the Elect artists and
      who the Condemned of the strongly neo-manicheist so called "SY
      culture" - which is grounded in a set of taboos, of DO's and DON'TS
      who pile up high over the skies.
      > Miguel
      > To sum up realization of the Sefl-Unrealization that cults in
      general and SY in particular promotes is forever fun. It is a lot of
      fun to observe the Dharma of Samsara.
      > One more sequel of the Emperor's clothes eternal narrative, indeed.
      > In any event, you will make your own decision, and you have the
      > freedom to regard some of us as 'liars'. Before you do though, please
      > consider this: Why would we bother wasting our time speaking out here
      > unless we felt a moral obligation to do so?
      > Gyan
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