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Re: I was attack

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  • canthisbejoel
    Yes, James s posts are often thought-provoking and he s a good writer. I d like to know something from any SY reading this, in the light of Henry s recent
    Message 1 of 42 , Oct 1, 2007
      Yes, James's posts are often thought-provoking and he's a good

      I'd like to know something from any SY reading this, in the light of
      Henry's recent experience. See, I had this notion that those who
      truly and sincerely believe they have found God, would live
      according to the principles of whatever religion they had chosen,
      being secure in the knowledge that they know God, and live and act
      along those lines. I suppose I would expect to see some kind of
      security. Even serenity.

      I don't see that in a single SY. I see unbearable stress, anger and
      frequent outbursts of rage. I realise I'm not seeing the whole
      picture - perhaps there are Yogis who really do 'live the dream' and
      are very content. But I don't see it in the SYs I have met, nor do I
      see it in SYs who post here - or on the other SY forums.

      Care to comment, jleow? You seem particularly sarcastic, stressed
      out and desperate to have us 'return'. Can't you move on without us?
      Do we challenge your beliefs to the extent that you have to come
      here and belittle someone who only sought to tell his story? Where's
      the bliss and joyfulness you're supposed to be full of?

      I'd be interested in your views.

      --- In talk-about-sahaja-yoga@yahoogroups.com, Henry Hanuman
      <hanumanhenry@...> wrote:
      > Dear James
      > I reread your text last night
      > It is a very very intelligent analysis of this cult .
      > I hope you write articles ...or even books on the subjects
      > you are a talented writer.
      > love and peace
      > Henry
      > yannee2 <aqrc50@...> wrote:
      > Hello Henry
      > I am sorry to hear that you have been assaulted by sahaja yogis. I
      > not surprised that this has happened though. When in a cult such
      as sy
      > it is vital that the disciples condition their minds to instantly
      > any evidence which would cast doubt upon their guru. The more of
      > evidence the disciple is confronted with the more vigorously he
      has to
      > thrust this aside in order to continue to receive the "blessings"
      > the guru. This attitude inevitably leads to the disciple retreating
      > into an imaginary world in which the everyday realities he is
      > confronted with can be ignored/denied at will. If this imagined
      > reality the disciple lives in is challenged by someone such as
      > yourself in such a way that it cannot be ignored then a violent
      > reaction in order to suppress the evidence being presented may be
      > only way he can maintain his beliefs.
      > As sahaja yoga suffers from the demise of its leader and enters a
      > period of turmoil there is likely to be more evidence of the
      > unpleasant nature of sahaja yoga and Mataji than ever before being
      > presented to the disciples, all of which has to be quickly pushed
      > under the surface before doubts can begin to emerge into
      > consciousness. The followers will therefore be under more stress
      > ever as they try to remain in their "chosen ones" reality. I
      > that such incidents as the one which happened to you will become
      > commonplace in future. One wonders how many times this has happened
      > already without the matter being reported to the police or indeed
      > bulletin board.
      > Best
      > James
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    • sukamoga
      ... the bad vibes of the evil world. SY developed what they call SY culture (based mostly on pious literature and some constructed lineages of spiritual
      Message 42 of 42 , Oct 1, 2007

        --- In talk-about-sahaja-yoga@yahoogroups.com, miguel de castro henriques <migcah2003@...> wrote:
        > SY has a strong tendency to cocoon its members, insulating them from the bad vibes of the evil world. SY developed what they call SY culture (based mostly on pious literature and some constructed lineages of spiritual luminaries). They are supposed to stick to that Sahaja culture. RThat´s why the cultural level of an average SY is so surprisingly low. Indeed they developed a suspicious tabooizing attitude against contemporary as well as classic culture. Culturaly as an insulated community they develop all the phobias of extreme insularity.

        So cocooned that I laughingly tell people I completely missed the 80s.  Nearly all 80s movies, music, TV shows, best-sellers (fiction, nonfiction), works of art, etc., which is old news to the rest of the world, is new to me.  Co-workers talk with nostalgia about a certain band or movie, and I cannot contribute to the conversation, as I had spent the better part of a decade protecting myself from the bad vibes of the great unwashed (unrealized) masses.

        On the upside, most classical music--at least the ancient stuff, from composers like Mozart, Vivaldi and Bach--was considered "Sahaj."  So much of my long commute to work, back then, was spent listening to Boston's  public radio station, WGBH, with its great host, the late Robert J. Lurtsema.  I got a wonderful education in classical music, though I suppose I'd have listened to the show (Morning pro Musica) sahaj or no sahaj. 

        > All this leads to progressive autism, because it splits individual from their culutral traditional backgrounds (now you´re a born again SY, baptized in the the Waters of Mother Kundlaini) and try to root them in a low and "new" culture called Sahaja culture, biased, partial, onedimensional and poor. Not to mention it has that constant element of fear of all that is not SY.
        > This produces serial idiots and autists, unconnected with reality, thinking they+re connected with a delusional indian housewife who monopolises the way to the Kundalini ignition.
        > But people with a true Kundalini ignition are not unconnected from their culture. They understand that real culture and Kundalini are not in opposite planes, on the contrary. A real Kundalini experience is highly integrative, socialising, not racist, and not at all anti-intellectual. SY is a Kundalinis energy kidnapper, twisting it to their own means: castles, power and megalomania.
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