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ICSA Info Survey

Please read if you are interested in participating in research on cults through International Cultic Studies Association: Grad students and academic
Sep 2, 2014

Free Speech Survey

Please read if you wish to contribute to research on how cults may try to suppress critical information through International Cultic Studies Association
Sep 2, 2014

Ex-members' Support Group

I would like to inform you about a new yahoo group open to ex-members of SY as well as concerned family and friends. Learn more about it at:
Aug 17, 2014

Re: Hello? Anyone home?

Hi, How you doing ? Still alive and kicking from this side. Hope you´re all enjoying the ride ; -) Cheers Miguel On Wednesday, 6 February 2013, 22:45,
miguel de castro henriques
Jul 28, 2014

CP passed away

SIR CP SRIVASTAVA PASSED AWAY THIS MORNING From: Vijay Kapoor Date: 22 July 2013 1:06:56 PM IST Subject: Commiseration Dear Brothers and
Aug 28, 2013

Re: Hello? Anyone home?

It's nice to hear that some of you still come in sometimes: Marzia, Miguel, Simon, Lumi, Cat... I owe you all a lot. And others -Su, and so many, too, of
Feb 6, 2013

Re: Hello? Anyone home?

Hi Miguel - You are right, of course. We are all like waves - drifting in and out - and right now, the tide is out. Still - my heart holds true to many that
Jun 24, 2012

Re: Hello? Anyone home?

Hi Cat, Not much to be found indeed. The site had its raison d'être, now it seems it somehow has vanished ...for a while? Ships have sailed elsewhere, new
miguel de castro henriques
Jun 18, 2012

Hello? Anyone home?

Hi all - Just popped in to see what's new, and found not much. Has everyone wandered away to greener fields? Would love an update from some of the old
Jun 17, 2012

Vs: [talk-about-sy] Digest Number 1848

Hello Stina! Nice to "meet" you after a long time! I remember your visits to Finland, and me visiting you in Sweden, and us being together in India! However,
May 13, 2012

Research on SY

Hello everyone! I am a nurse and former member of SY, and I am interested in doing research on SY. Does anyone know if there is any formal research done on SY
May 12, 2012

on your mark

Mar 14, 2012

Scientific study of the 'vibes'

"Many people experience a particularly intense, euphoric response to music which, because of its frequent accompaniment by an autonomic or psychophysiological
Mar 8, 2012

New To Group

Hello, I'm not really new to this group-- I joined a few months ago-- but for some reason or another I haven't posted until now. Anyway, in short, I was a yogi
Daniel S
Feb 20, 2012

Re: the websites are alive!!!

Hi Marzia, Cheers! As we had predicted here, many years ago, the SY cult currently split in many sub-sects. They may be irrelevant (at world level and at
miguel de castro henriques
Jan 20, 2012
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