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Mounting scales on Micro Lathe II

... FWIW, the actual iGaging scales are sold by Anytime Tools, which I've had issues with in the past. To be clear, the bits were fulfilled by Amazon and
Paul J. Ste. Marie
9:35 AM

DC drive for Taig lathe

Actually the shaft hole was bored in place on the lathe so it is on center with the lathe spindle. The tool mounts to the front of the slide and cuts over the
Forrest A
May 15

The Consew cs1000 motor weight

The pots supplied with the KB controllers have plastic shafts and they also come a large insulating washer. https://www.galco.com/images/kb/pot,speed_p.jpg The
Peter Homann
May 7

CNC milling 24 guage argentium silver

I buy all my bits from Bits & Bits in Oregon.  They have whatever you need.  If you get down around .005" use the 15 degree included angle -- unless you like
Will Schmit
May 5

OT microscopic bending brake?

Yes make the tool mount to the arbor press.ive mademany small tools as well,along with machine shop tooling Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android From:"Sandy Mcguire
Sandy Mcguire
Apr 30

Building a new control box for my Taig Mill

... I've just had a customer who is using servos on another small machine, and was planning to follow the same route on the Taig, but has now back-pedalled as
Lester Caine
Apr 3

Need Headstock

... Yeah, the chuck+arbor combination doesn't work well. Getting a full set of ER16 collets from Maritool or other supplier is well worth the expense. Screw
Paul J. Ste. Marie
Mar 31
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