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  • toddfoh
    Here is my email: Ken, How much are you charging for your threading attachment on your webpage? You don t have a price listed. Are you geared up for producing
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 3 1:55 PM
      Here is my email:

      How much are you charging for your threading attachment on your
      webpage? You don't have a price listed.
      Are you geared up for producing these in quantity? Or are you making
      them to order?
      Why would you not include the gear for making 20 TPI threads, given
      that 1/4-20 is such a popular screw size?
      I hope you don't mind if I pass your answers on to the TaigTools
      Yahoo group...
      Todd F.

      The response:

      Right now pricing is a problem for me. I am going to be charging
      $150.00 for this kit until I find out how this settles down. Same as
      the $145.00+$5.00(shipping) that it is listed on eBay.

      There are quite a few man-hours in one of these kits and it depends
      upon how little I am willing to work for although the belts and
      pulleys are not cheap either - even in the quantity that I get them.
      The double sided timing belt that enables left hand threads to be cut
      costs about $10.00 believe it or not. I was going to offer the kit
      with the Left-Hand-Threading attachment as extra option but didn't
      do it (yet).

      I am getting geard up to make these in quantity but need to know the
      market reaction (In business terms).

      Yes, I was going to include the (may yet do so) gear/pulley for 20TPI
      but it was kind of a single use gear. I ran a computer program using
      all the different pulleys in all different combinations to see what
      timing chains were most practical. It turns out that the supplied
      pulleys (Basic-Six set) all get used at least a couple of times in
      the complete repertorie of set ups but the 20 tooth gear used/needed
      for the 20TPI only got used for that one thread pitch (maybe a couple
      of other not-so-important pitches also). Same for the pulley
      required for the 44TPI thread. I figured that these pulleys are so
      easily available (with a 1/4" arbor hole) that most users would/could
      get their own and many others besides. I had to stop somewhere.

      Also 20TPI is getting on the heavy side of what can be driven by the
      little V-belt pulley that comes with the lathe and which I also use.
      A bigger pulley definately lies within the capability of the lathe
      considering its ridgity but its large diameter gets in the way of my
      puuley carrier frame so I am going with the original pulley size. A
      hand crank can be made to get some real torque into the spindle for
      heavy cuts though. Take a look at the web site www.MiniMech.com if
      you haven't yet. I have to quit writing so much and get back to the

      I don't mind you passing this along anywhere. The exposure is
      welcome but I've got to provide the 'goods' first. More work than I
      Ken Knaell

      And my response back:

      Thanks for getting back to me. I'll definitely pass this info on the
      the rest of the Taig Tools people. Don't be suprised if you get a
      bunch of responses.

      I certainly understand about component prices being high. I'm a
      mechanical engineer, and price out components like this all the time.

      I did check out your website as soon as I saw the ebay add. I have a
      suggestion you might consider... It looks like 7 to 10 of the parts
      are milled from chunks of aluminum. Keeping in mind the market you
      are targeting (Taig owners who tend to be "do-it-yourselfers")
      perhaps you might considering a "semi-kit" form of your product. For
      me personally, I wouldn't mind milling the "chunky" parts myself, if
      I had drawings to work from. The rest of the purchased parts, the
      threaded and straight rods, and the split nut assembly would be the
      hardware I would want to buy from you. This may allow you to reduce
      your labor costs of machining, while still getting compensation for
      your design. Photocopying drawings and getting paid for it is more
      profitable time-wise than machining parts. This would let you reduce
      the cost of your kit as well.

      I have a Taig mill, but I do not yet have a Taig lathe, specifically
      because there was not threading capability available as an easy add
      on. The next best thing, (and your direct competition) is the CNC
      Frog add-on for $200. Getting your kit down in price from $150 to
      $100 would do two things. 1) Lots of people would buy Taig lathes,
      because threading would be available for a reasonable price. 2) You
      would sell a lot of kits. Given the $50 price difference between
      your complete add-on and a CNC option, I think people will weigh the
      difference and go with the Frog. But, $100 for a kit that requires
      some modest effort to complete wouldn't be bad at all.

      In any case, probably the best thing you could do to spread the word
      about your threading attachment would be to let Nick Carter borrow a
      kit to review. He is the Taig Tools guru, and if he likes it, and
      puts a review on his website, you will be all set. That is what
      happened with the Frog attachment, and they sold so many they
      couldn't keep the parts in stock.

      If there is anything I can do to help you out in your efforts, let me
      know. Now that I know your product is available, I'll probably be
      placing an order with Nick for a lathe within the week. It is in my
      own interest to help you get your kit cost down, because I plan to
      become a customer in the near future.

      good luck,
      Todd Ferrante
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