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Re: [taigtools] RE: Need help in Orange County, CA

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  • steve_fornelius2000
    I d suggest looking at the youtube videos from the India Institute of Technology. I watched two semesters worth of classes in machining and learned a lot.
    Message 1 of 22 , Sep 1, 2013
      I'd suggest looking at the youtube videos from the India Institute of
      Technology. I watched two semesters worth of classes in machining and learned
      a lot. Free and you can take your own time watching.


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      this is just my own suggestion, I think you would be better off to get
      into an email communication with a willing person who has many years
      experience in general machining, and not rely on a multitude of different answers to
      your questions on how to, because you will be overwhelmed by the
      suggestions, this will allow you to concentrate on what you need to learn, which is
      the basics, doesn't matter if the description or advise from that person
      could be done in several different ways, which is what you will get if the
      group intervenes, I think you would be better off if you went one on one with
      an experienced machinist,

      This suggestion or words of mine are not meant to cause any friction
      within the group, but only to help solve Valkcapt's problem,


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      This is just a post script to my prior post. As suggested by some, I
      enrolled in a Introductory Lathe/Mill course at Orange Coast College in Costa
      Mesa, California. Now I am taking a more advanced Lathe course. This has
      been a wonderful learning experience. However, the Taig requires different
      techniques than the big machines at the college, so I sometimes try out the
      college projects at home to see how to do them on the Taig. I'm learning
      a lot. One thing I've found is that, as someone that is basically starting
      with almost no knowledge about machining, even the basic books were over my
      head. What I would have liked to see is a series of easy projects with
      information on what tools I need to complete each project. Then I would have
      liked to know, not only how to do it right, but what mistakes I might try
      to avoid. As it is, I read the basic books over and over again, and
      finally I acquire enough knowledge to understand what I'm being
      told. I'm thinking about creating a website geared for the complete newbee
      on the Taig, with a progressive learning/doing experience. Then because
      that could be the blind leading the blind, opening it for feedback from the
      more experienced Taig machinists on any potential misinformation I provide,
      or alternative ways to accomplish it. What I would like is some feedback
      pn whether the effort is worth it. Are there enough Taig newbees appearing
      on the scene each month that this service would be needed? Or is the
      target audience so small, or most folks just smarter/more adept at mechanical
      things than me, so this service isn't needed at all. If the former, I'm
      willing to put something together. If the latter, well I'll just keep on
      plugging along. In any case, this site has been very helpful. Thank you all,
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      > Lots of good info but one thing I never read but what are you cutting.
      There are some materials that cut well on the Taig and some that are a real
      bear to get a decent surface out of. And if your cutting wood as in pen
      making cutting tool needs are very different for different woods as are speed
      requirements. I started out cutting an aluminum that was a nightmare and
      got very discouraged until I got a different material that cut with so much
      better results it didn't seem to be the same machine. I also watched a ton
      of different video's etc and was just feeling worse. I bought a different
      aluminum and good turning brass and all my problems were over and my parts
      started looking like the ones in the videos.

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      > Thanks to all for taking the time to respond. I have purchased many
      books and dvds, some focused on the Taig and some more general, and watched
      many of the Tubal Cain youtube videos and every Taig youtube I could get my
      hands on. I've spent hours reading and watching this material. I think, as
      some of you have hinted, I should be starting on simpler projects, and maybe
      projects made out of plastic. I'm stepping back and starting over again
      with this in mind. Also, I am enrolling in the introductory class for the
      Machine Technology curriculum in the local junior college. I'll get there -- I
      am just impatient. That's why I was hoping to find someone local to see how
      he/she uses the Taig. Thanks again.
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      > >
      > > I just purchased a new lathe and a new mill, and a lot of tooling. I
      have been focusing on the lathe to start with, but have been remarkably
      unsuccessful at every project I try. Do any members live in Orange County CA or
      southern LA, who would be willing to show me where I am going wrong, or
      more importantly, how to do things right? Thanks.
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