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Re: [taigtools] Taig vs Sherline 4 jaw independent chuck

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  • Steve Wan
    Hi Stan Thank you for the valuable feedback! I don t own a Taig but Sherline and I just got the Sherline 4 jaw chuck and like to make a comparison with Taig 4
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 2, 2013
      Hi Stan

      Thank you for the valuable feedback! I don't own a Taig but Sherline
      and I just got the Sherline 4 jaw chuck and like to make a comparison
      with Taig 4 jaw chuck. I would take note of your clamping data.

      Anyway, I got a wood scroll chuck from WoodRiver. I intend to make
      soft jaws on it for big and odd jobs. I need to use the riser block
      for the wood chuck.

      I'm more concern of the weight of bigger chuck, to prevent any stress
      on the bearings. The Taig chuck weighs much heavier than the wood
      chuck by 200g.

      Steve Wan

      On 7/2/13, Stan Stocker <skstocker@...> wrote:
      > Hi Steve;
      > The Taig four jaw chuck is a nice bit of work. Unlike the three jaw
      > chucks, where many folks prefer the Sherline chuck over the Taig chuck,
      > the four jaw chucks are of comparable quality in all ways that matter to
      > me. The Sherline chuck is probably a bit prettier, but not particularly
      > better mechanically.
      > I'm not sure from your question if you are looking to put the four jaw
      > on a Sherline or Taig lathe?
      > On a Sherline, you will find that the Taig 4 jaw chuck jaws can extend
      > only a tiny bit outside of the chuck body before they will hit the bed.
      > With the jaws reversed (steps facing in) the capacity is 0.8, 1.6, and
      > 2.58 inches. If the jaws face in, the capacity is 0.8 until you get
      > down to the chuck body, then it's around 0.73 until you hit the spindle
      > nose. Probably a usable range even on the Sherline, I just avoid
      > mounting a chuck with a body that barely clears the bed on ANY lathe.
      > Unless you add riser blocks, the Sherline has a smaller swing than the
      > Taig, which can cause some things that you would expect to be useful on
      > both machines to not actually be useful. Using Sherline chucks on Taig
      > works well, but you need a spacer to cover the register of the Taig
      > spindle as Sherline does not use a register. I really love the Sherline
      > three jaw chuck on a Taig lathe.
      > I do have both lathes in my clock shop, so this isn't speculation, I
      > checked the interchange before posting this :-)
      > Hopefully I've understood and answered your questions,
      > Stan
      > On 07/02/2013 04:04 AM, Steve wrote:
      >> Hi guys
      >> Has anyone noticed that both Taig and Sherline 4 jaw independent chuck
      >> share the same thread pitch? Taig chuck width is less thicker than
      >> Sherline and cost half the price. But Taig chuck weighs 1.4kg while the
      >> latter is 1.12kg.
      >> I'm not sure of Taig quality. What's the biggest depth those jaws can hold
      >> when using the reverse end? Sherline type are much shorter.
      >> Welcomes any feedback.
      >> Steve Wan
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