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RE: [taigtools] Re: repeatibility and spindle mods

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  • Jeffrey Birt
    Ten years ago I suspect you got the older ‘lathe’ style headstock, and the older dovetail Z column. The ‘new’ headstock is a single piece extrusion
    Message 1 of 13 , May 15, 2013
      Ten years ago I suspect you got the older ‘lathe’ style headstock, and the
      older dovetail Z column. The ‘new’ headstock is a single piece extrusion
      that accepts a cartridge style shaft/bearing assembly. The spindle is now
      ER16 as opposed to the old ¾-16 like the lathe. It is very stout.

      About 5 years ago my friend used a Taig CNC mill as part of his PhD. work.
      He had developed a new method of predicting equipment failures (predictive
      maintenance) and since bearing failure has been widely studied it provided a
      way to compare his method to existing methods. We flushed the grease out of
      the bearings and he milled aluminum plate for 12-14 hours a day with the
      machine. The headstock was fitted with accelerometers and temperature
      sensors (as well as the base of the machine.) With no grease the spindle
      would run about 30 hours, noticeable vibration (from a human senses
      perspective) was only an issue towards the end of the bearing life. Most of
      the bearings failed very quickly and very catastrophically. We put dozens of
      bearings in two different spindles over the course of 4 mounts (or so). When
      the research was all done I replaced the whole cartridge in both spindles
      and still use them, and the machine to this day.

      Jeff Birt


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      > The Taig spindle is a well-built unit. Some of the things folks try >to
      use for a high speed spindle are not well made. You can count out >things
      like a Dremel tool or similar hand help tools. PreciseBits does >make some
      very precise collets for the Dewalt 611 which is a small >laminate trimming
      router. This might be a route worth exploring.

      I cannot tell you that all TAIG spindles are built the same but the one that
      came with my TAIG CNC mill (probably 10 years old at this point) is a 2-part
      extrusion that I pulled off and replaced with a Sherline headstock and motor

      I loaned a friend the TAIG headstock to make a grinder and he found that the
      spindle is not stiff enough to prevent chatter when grinding. Not a
      surprising finding---the headstock is not designed for grinding---but I
      think that points up some potential problems when trying for the best
      possible finish. Granted, there are other issues with the TAIG, the big one
      being backlash with the factory screws and nuts that probably mask the
      headstock inadequacies (for super finish work). It is, however, more that
      satisfactory for much of the work asked of it.

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