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Looking for a good condition or new Taig II with lead screw power

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  • Russell G
    I had to sell both of mine a few years back due to health issues but I m better now and feel like I want to get back into the game ......I had a non powered
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 4, 2013
      I had to sell both of mine a few years back due to health issues but I'm better now and feel like I want to get back into "the game"......I had a non powered taig lathe and a powered taig lathe and I am definitely wanting the newest edition....gosh, I had so, so many accessories I don't know if I'll ever get to that position again, but I hope so.
      I purchased most of my taig stuff along with my powered taig from Nick Carter...is he still around?
      No big ole motor is necessary as I am going to install a penn-state adjustable motor like I did on my last one...

      I'll buy of course but if anyone is interested in trading I have several things to choose from...depending on what you have to offer ,here is a short list for the moment..

      1-(brand new in the boxes left over from a security service I financed for my son over the summer) - 2 complete home security units --- 2gig technologies wireless control heads with all wireless components, glass break monitors, motion detectors ,panic button to wear around your neck or put by your bedside, key fob to turn on or off outside the house, door monitors ...these are all still in their boxes - these units DO NOT call or notify police or anyone they are simply very,...VERY loud audible sirens.....no wiring needed , all wireless other than the control box that can be plugged into an outlet and they do have battery backup if electrical fails..

      2-I have a couple of mosin-nagants 91-30

      3-Puma/Rossi 454 casull 20" lever action stainless rifle - only fired 6 times --- I only have my left arm due to a major car accident and trust me...you need two arms to shoot this ...but all 6 rounds fired great, I just couldn't take it anymore lol

      If you look through the pictures here you'll see the two Taigs and tons of extras I sold at the time.....man oh man I have regretted it every since but unfortunately I had no choice..my name will be in the heading, it's some of the first pages of pics....Russell

      If interested you can email me direct at rdtageorge@...

      Thanks everyone....it's great to at least be back on the forum...,Russell
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