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Re: [taigtools] Stepper motor recomendation

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  • Yi Yao
    ... Hash: SHA1 Just a reminder, you still need to connect this to a parallel port and provide a power supply. By the looks of this, you need one of these board
    Message 1 of 11 , Feb 28, 2011
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      Hash: SHA1

      Just a reminder, you still need to connect this to a parallel port and
      provide a power supply. By the looks of this, you need one of these
      board for every stepper motor that you have.

      Hope you have your SMT soldering skills up to par if you are doing this

      Shane Adams wrote:
      > I've been looking at:
      > http://www.avayanelectronics.com/Products/AE-STPR8811/ae-stpr8811.html
      > Open source design, guy seems to really know about motors, and a forum
      > discussion on TI said the design was just fine [from a TI staff member].
      > I can buy the bare board for 5 bucks and buy the parts from digikey or
      > he assembles them for as low as $18.95 a board.
      > Shane
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      > From: Yi Yao <yi@... <mailto:yi%40yyao.ca>>
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      > Sent: Monday, February 28, 2011 5:51 PM
      > Subject: Re: [taigtools] Stepper motor recomendation
      > I thought they taught us in school that bipolar steppers produce more
      > torque with a given amount of wire compared to unipolar steppers.
      > OK, theory aside, I did achieve higher traverse rates with a motor in
      > bipolar configuration. I had one of those 6 wire stepper motors and
      > tried both configurations. Yep, bipolar mode worked better. It may have
      > been a matter of mechanical impedance matching or something else I am
      > overlooking, but bipolar configuration did get faster traversal rates.
      > The downside is, bipolar controllers are more expensive. However, it
      > seems that everyone sells bipolar controllers anyway so the competition
      > is pretty good.
      > Ron Thompson wrote:
      >> On 2/28/2011 10:05 AM, Yi Yao wrote:
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      >>> Oh, and in general, buy bipolar motors is possible. Some motors give you
      >>> the freedom of choosing bipolar vs unipolar operation by the way you
      >>> wire it up. Just don't hook a unipolar motor to a bipolar controller.
      >> I think you got this backwards.
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