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Re: Group gear purchase, finializing the approch.

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  • kveto@worldnet.att.net
    ... Sterling which is ... is 16.68 ... as per ... on the ... ... to all. ... some reason ... Hi Chris, Count me in for one A set. Ken Veto
    Message 1 of 9 , Dec 31, 2000
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      > /////////////////////////////////////////////////
      > Set "A"
      > W20-1 Worm-Steel, unhardened 20DP the current cost is 10.62
      which is
      > $16.00 in US funds rounded to nearest Dollar.
      > M20-30 Wheel for worm that is listed above, 30 teeth, current cost
      is 16.68
      > Sterling which is $25.00 US funds rounded to the nearest Dollar.
      > This wheel will not get in the way if the headstock is milled flat
      as per
      > Tony for use on a Taig Lathe table and will not interfere when used
      on the
      > Taig Mill.
      > Simply state like this: 3 sets of A
      > 3 sets of B
      > John Doe
      > I hope that this helps in some way, and a very happy holiday season
      to all.
      > I have made every effort to provide accurate information, if for
      some reason
      > there is a error please contact me.

      > Chris of Bradenton FLA

      > Tadici283@c...

      Hi Chris,

      Count me in for one A set.

      Ken Veto
      Seattle, Washington
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