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  • WAM
    Dec 12, 2013
      Ryan - I sent this to you too but fig'd I'd post it here:

      Make sure that the CS1000 internal S menu is set to the highest speed.
      There should have been an instruction sheet that came with your CS1000.

      Here's a link to a scan of the CS1000 instruction sheet:

      Another note:
      The typical VFD's require 10V for the VFD's opto isolated opamp in the
      like that found on the G540. The CS1000 uses 5V (middle pin of the 3 pin
      connector) to drive the A2D via the stock photocell. I'm not sure how
      well Gecko's VFD would work with only 5V...

      Right now I don't have Mach control the speed - only the on-off of the
      spindle motor. Since I don't have a tool changer it's no big deal.

      Eventually I may add a small microcontroller (uC) that will control a
      digital pot. As i mentioned, this can be done with a simple Arduino ( I
      think I posted the code for controlling a typical digital pot on Taig
      group - it can be found in the arduino libraries...)

      What will happen is that one GPIO pin of the uC will sense the on-off on
      the PPort Spindle On/Off pin, and another will be used to convert the
      PWM output from Mach 3 on the PWM PPort pin into control of the digital
      pot. That way, I have a bit more control on how the PWM from Mach 3 is
      converted to speed, and I avoid blowing up the CS1000, since I'd be
      using a circuit that more closely resembles the stock photocell (ie. a
      resistance between the two pins).

      It will also allow the uC to start the spindle at 0 ohms which avoids
      the E6 error... As I mentioned on the forum, if you just power on the
      CS1000 to do a run/stop of the spindle you'll get the E6 error. The
      CS1000 requires (for safety in sewing machine applications) that the
      resistance between the pins be at 0 Ohms; ie. - that the black wire be
      at close to 5 volts so that the Power Up is with the motor stopped.

      ryanswansonryan@... wrote:

      >Wam, Im overwhelmingly excited about what you have done with your CS1000 and would like to do the same. I am running a gecko 540 that comes with a vfd port. I unplugged my pot that was being use for a speed control and tied the vfd wires to the input of the speed controller board. My spindle relay turns the whole unit off and on. My hangup is for some reason, Im only generating half motor speed when Im commanding full speed (on controller readout it says 21) and I am out of Mach3 guesses. I don't have an electronics background and am totally puzzled. I looked at your videos and liked that your speed controller had power all the time, then could ramp to full speed without the error E6! What do I need to try to maybe use my current setup with the gecko 540 vfd, am I missing something!! Do I need to use something between my vfd wires and the speed control board?? Thanks for your assistance, you are the only pro ive found with the exact CS1000 that I have!! Ryan
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