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Re: [taigtools] RE: Max safe rpm for 4-jaws chuck

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      I use a heavy 3 jaw chuck(not the taig one), never had problems with unscrewing, but I usualy slow down the chuck after switching off by holding my hand against it, but mine will be modified in the near future with variable speed control from an electric wheelchair so that would make it possible to slow it downd less abrupt.
      usualy I use it at 1000 rpm but in the future that will be up till 3000 rpm after I changed it
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      Subject: Re: [taigtools] RE: Max safe rpm for 4-jaws chuck

      If you've equipped your lathe with a locking mechanism on the spindle, or a variable speed motor controller you could keep the chuck from unscrewing.
      I normally spin my lathe down over about 2 seconds using the variable speed control to keep it from unscrewing heavy parts on the faceplate.  The same would apply to a heavy chuck.
      The spindle locking screw is still on the round-tuit list.
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