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487taglist toggle causes tiled window to jump (messes up Win7 Aerosnap)

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  • matt.forumuser
    Apr 24 2:21 PM
      I have installed the taglist plugin on my Win7 machine today and it seems to be working.
      I am observing the following issue:
      I like to tile the gvim window to use 50% of the desktop (of one of my two monitors) via Windows 7 Aerosnap.
      If I now :TlistToggle the window jumps out of this position and messes up the overall positioning.
      Toggling it away again does not cause it to jump back either unfortunately.

      I already added
      let Tlist_Inc_winwidth = 0
      as suggested in the readme, but it didn't really help unfortunately.

      Can you suggest something else I can try or this behavior already known and has to be accepted?