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485Re: [taglist] auto size the taglist window

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  • Yegappan Lakshmanan
    Mar 8, 2013

      > I was looking through the options for the taglist but was not able to find the one
      > that would autosize the taglist window. The option I'm talking about is to make
      > the window as wide (I'm using a vertical taglist) as the widest element in the list.
      > Is there such an option available? If not is it possible to implement it?

      No. The Tlist_WinWidth variable sets the width of the taglist window. But the width
      will not automatically change depending on the length of the tag name defined in a file.
      The problem with automatically changing the window width is that it will be too
      disconcerting to the user. It is less confusing to let the user to change the width
      of the taglist window.

      - Yegappan
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